Dealing with Anxiety

I don't think I have ever experienced high levels of anxiety, until recently. I used to hear of people having panic attacks and bouts of depression because of it and never felt like I would fall accustom to it, but I have.

In the midst of the current world madness, I have been feeling lost and uneasy. This is due to me over-thinking things and living deeply in my mind. I'm working on it and taking things day by day. I have never been a person who subscribes to living in fear. I have always just got on with things and kept it moving, but recently I have been feeling unsure, but also aware at the same time. 

I dunno where it comes from, but I feel very off guard when I don't feel in control. I lose my sense of trust and it puts me in a place of vulnerability that I don't feel comfortable in. Even writing this post right now has me in a sense of heightened feet are so sweaty ;( but I continue to write this because I know it isn't just me who feels this way. Its also so interesting to me because one of my life mantras is ''when you are comfortable you don't grow'' and I am trying to really keep that in my mind as I move forward.

One way I am learning to cope and get by is trying to re-claim my self-control. Giving myself a sense of authority calms me down a bit and puts me back in control of my feelings. It allows me to create a plan and move into it with more confidence. I have also been checking in with myself. When I have these emotions, why am I experiencing them? Is there something I can do to distract myself, so I don't sink into it deeper and create more issues. I have been more mindful of what I putting into my body and what is feeding my mind. 
I got rid of the TV in my room years ago because it was unnecessary for me and a distraction. I'm not saying throw out your TV,but maybe limit the amount you watch. Especially right now, limit the amount of news you are consuming. The same can be said for social media. I deleted twitter and facebook from my phone because it was just too loud for me. I didn't feel safe when reading certain comments and it was over-consuming my mind. As I practically live and work on the Internet, you can imagine how hard that was to do, but also refreshing at the same time. It also gave me a sense of being in control of me. 

This is also a great time to enhance any skill sets you may have, or any hobbies you have always wanted to try. Indulge yourself in things that bring you joy and happiness. This can be anything from reading to drawing to exercising or just being still. I am learning to allow feelings to run through my body so I can deal with them head on and try to overcome them. Don't get it twisted I am learning and adapting as I move and take this one day at a time, especially because it is such a new experience to me. 

Also this is a great time to practice mindfulness. Operate how you wish others to do so. People are really on edge at the moment and are re-directing that negative energy onto other people. Don't take it personally as its not about you. They needed a space to release and chose you. What you can choose in return is to offer kindness back. This will then regulate and calm the space. I know that is easier said than done, but it can offer a space of protection and also peace. One thing I know that stands true to who I am is my heart. I know that everything I do is from a place of love, of course I have my moments but I try to always come from a place of understanding. I have always believed manners will take you further than most things in this world and will come back to you in many different ways which will bring you joy. 

If you are reading this and felt like none of that offered you any type of way out or solution. I would advise you seek professional help or counsel before things get worse. Reach out to friends and family to see if you can lean on them for advice and comfort. You are not alone. Take everything day by day, that is all you can do. Don't allow your thoughts to consume you and try to breathe. 


  1. Thank you I needed this. I have a lot going on anyway at the moment and all this virus stuff is making me feel uneasy and panicked.
    I’ve found some online courses and I will plan to keep myself busy.

  2. Just what I needed, definitely putting these things into practice. Thank you Rachael ❤️��

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