5 ways to Date Yourself

Let's talk about dating yourself. You, yourself and erm...You? hehe!!

Why date yourself?... The reason I do it...it forces me to be outside of my comfort zone. My life mantra..which you will probably hear about 5096838 times this year is...''when you are comfortable you don't grow''...so you have to put yourself in situations that force you to learn something about yourself. This can be a range of different things that encourage you to learn or build a skill, develop a new interest that you didn't know you would enjoy or create new experiences....and remember you don't have to be single to self-date!! 

I decided to give you 5 ways that you can date yourself. I'm not saying to rush out and do these all at once...but you can start with once a month, or even setting aside a specific date in the month just for you.

If you are a foodie like me and you love to eat at nice restaurants take yourself to dinner. It may not seem like any super different or out of the norm, but I have met a few people who have expressed they find it very uncomfortable to eat alone. As I'm self-employed I have to eat alone a lot, so it isn't a difficulty for myself.
Start with somewhere local, so you don't have to travel that far, and preferably somewhere you haven't been before. If you aren't ready to try a new restaurant as yet because you like what you like.. eat at your favourite restaurant but try something different on the menu...and to make it extra special..order the 1st drink that sounds appealing to you. If you are frugal like me, check for set menus or any discounts before you leave, so you can save a coin or two! Also wear something cute. When you look good you feel good.

Put your phone away. Don't rely on it to entertain you.  If you can, sit by a window and people watch.. am I the only one who loves to be nosey and people watch? If you can't get a window seat.. look around the restaurant, enjoy the atmosphere, the decor and just live in the space. I know it sounds crazy and comical..but try it.

Do you have something you enjoy doing but don't get to do often? This could be anything from a yoga class, pottery making, cooking class or developing a talent.  I love to draw, its something I do to relax and do for fun. I recently attended a life drawing class and I enjoyed myself so much. It was something I loved to do in college and have missed a lot. I was amongst people I didn't know...and just let myself enjoy the session. I felt very exposed as I don't ever draw around people and to know people could see my art was weird at times, but I just carried on with it and loved the outcome of the class.

If you aren't the most confident or talkative person..try to talk to someone new. If you have the opportunity place yourself next to that person, so it makes it a bit easier. The intention is human connection but also forcing yourself to build confidence. Also if you can afford to, book bulk classes, therefore you have made a type of commitment to yourself to attend.

Is it just me, but I feel like many of us don't really have hobbies anymore. This kind of ties in with try an activity but its something that doesn't have to take place outside of your home and is something you can consistently do.  I recently have started to do my own nails. Getting my nails done was something I really enjoyed as part of my self-pampering but I refuse to pay money to have the technicians treat me with such rudeness and disrespect.  Plus my loved nail tech @michelleduberry moved to a salon wayyyy out from me, so I decided to do them myself. I bought all the equipment and I have found it so interesting. I've been hooked to watching YouTube tutorials discovering techniques and methods. I am actually pretty good at it...I won't be opening a salon anytime soon, but its something I can consistently work on and improve with over time.

Keep a log of your progress, so over time you can see how you have improved or what needs to be worked on. This will help you gain more confidence and also want to achieve more.

I know many people say...treat yourself because you deserve it. While, I agree...I say..treat yourself how you want to be treated... I believe in putting yourself first in order to achieve the best...Now before you go buying those shoes you know you can't afford because you read this post. Treating yourself doesn't always mean a spa day or a pair of shoes...but it can also be about how you speak to yourself and take care of yourself. Do you love on yourself? Could you be kinder to yourself? I know I can be very hard on myself and I overthink a lot of things. I have recently started to let things just be and not worry about having control..trust me it is hard..but I'm learning that there is also power and purpose in allowing things to just be.

YES treat yourself to the shoes you have been looking at daily and have been saving up for...but also take away the guilt you may feel about doing these things for yourself. You are allowed to spoil yourself.

Just before I turned 30...(I'm 33 this year)..I made a small promise to myself to spend it away from home. This could mean abroad or somewhere else in the country. For my 30th birthday I took a solo trip to Bali and it was one of the best things I have ever done. I suggest and encourage every woman to travel to a country she doesn't know by herself. Its an amazing experience.

Booking a trip can be anything from a one night stay to a few weeks away. There are no rules, you just pick somewhere and go. Something I have been doing recently is hotel stays in London. As much as it isn't out of the country or even the city..it isn't home. Being in a nice surrounding encourages new thoughts, new ideas and also exploration.

If you decide to do a staycation in London, book on a Sunday, they are usually the cheapest days. Also have a look out for cheap last minute weekend breaks, and if you book them for departure on a Friday evening, you can enjoy a full weekend if you depart on a Sunday evening!!

I really hope my ideas inspired you and encourage your solo dates moving forward. Remember you don't have to wait on other people to live your life. If you want to do it...then do!!.and remember you don't have to be single to self-date!!


  1. I guess, when people find a hobby, they forget about everything in the world. Hobbies help us to escape the reality, I think. It is very cool.

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