#BeBodyKind | Mental Health Awareness Week

I wonder if Eve felt insecure about her body when she was in the Garden of Eden wearing nothing but a leaf to cover her personal areas?

Body image is one thing I think everyone on the planet has felt insecure about at least once in their lifes. Whether it be a part of your body you wish wasn't there, you have thought about getting surgery or even wanted to look like someone else, we have all felt like our bodies weren't good enough....but to whose standard? How do these thoughts become thoughts? Where do these ideals of perfection stem from?

I believe from a young age we are conditioned to feel we aren't good enough due to the notion of good and bad, right and wrong. We are developed or taught from birth how to think, well that's what I believe. It all starts from how your parents or carers help you develop an opinion of yourself, negative or positive their views are pushed upon you without your permission.

I can't remember when I developed a sense of my body image or even what I believed my 'look' to be, but I always felt different. I don't want to do the whole 'woe is me, fat girl story' because I no longer subscribe to that, but I was the big girl in the group and it did make me feel insecure at times. When you are younger flicking through magazines and you don't see images of girls who look like you at all, it makes you feel like you aren't worthy enough. It messes with your mind.

We often don't realise we are walking around with a lot of other people's ideals and notions of who we should be and become, rather than follow what we feel and want to be. Its time to unlearn and develop your own opinion of yourself for yourself. I know it can sound so airy fairy at times when it comes to mental health because we are living in a time where it is spoken about often these days, but its a real thing. Social media is messing us up, as much as I live on it, work on it and make my money from it, I catch myself at times comparing myself to other women and people wondering what it would be like to look like them. It amazes me at times how the mind works, because how do we just let go of how we feel about ourselves and invite other feelings in with no effort?!

I actually don't want to be anyone else, but I do have moments when I think about the what ifs. What if I looked like her, what if my tummy was flatter, what if I was taller, what if..what if...what if.....
What does a what if even do for you? It provides nothing but chaos in your mind, because most times it doesn't happen, so what is the point? Why do we do it to ourselves?  I dunno, I'm just thinking aloud.

I hope one day we can become more in tune with our own thoughts about our bodies and develop a more positive image of who we are and not who we wish we were.


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