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It seems right now that everywhere you look everyone is talking about race. Its the hot topic of the moment! As you may or may not know I am very open and opinionated when it comes to this subject because I think it is important to discuss in order for us to progress as a people positively, but that can only happen with those who are open to have the discussion.

In recent debates and discussions there tends to be a blame game happening, rather than coming to valuable and progressive solutions. I believe its due to a lot of ignorance, avoidance of the issue and also a lot of pain. I have always believed in order to diminish racism you have to have honest and truthful conversations that have purpose, substance and resolution. Last night I had the opportunity to watch Joshua Harmon's Admissions at Trafalgar Studios which I feel did just that, but from the white prospective.

Alex Kingston (ER, Doctor Who) stars in this award-winning and bitingly funny new comedy from the writer of acclaimed hit Bad Jews, direct from New York's Lincoln Center Theater, producers of Oslo.Sherri is the Head of Admissions at a private school, fighting to diversify the student intake and she wants you to know about it.When her son is deferred from his university of choice, and his best friend - who 'ticks more boxes' - is accepted, Sherri's personal ambition collides with her progressive values.

As a black woman I am constantly reminded that I am black. As much as I am proud of being a black woman, it is very rare to be reminded of the positive attributes. Therefore sometimes it can be draining to only receive invites from media outlets to speak on it on panels whenever there is an race issue in the news. Very rarely do I have the opportunity just to speak as a woman or even a human being. So it was so interesting for me to watch Admissions because I don't really ever get to see white people speak about race so candidly in the open and it have a positive message behind it.

Admissions tackles white privilege in a way I haven't really seen before via the arts,media or entertainment. It showcased the many different angles of how it performs, benefits and destroys lives. The play mixes in humour, which at first I didn't catch onto, because I find it hard sometimes to laugh during race-related content, but due to the content of the play being honest, truthful and also very funny, I guess the humour was also an aid to lift the heaviness of the subject and make it more relatable for those who don't see it as an issue or refuse to.

I also enjoyed the fact that the black characters of the story were not actually visible to the audience, which makes people have to imagine who they were and also play on people's stereotypes of black people.

Admissions is a well-written, thought-provoking, enjoyable play that I recommend everyone to see as it will make you think about white privilege in a many different ways but also maybe question your own.

Admissions premiered in New York at the Lincoln Centre Theatre in 2018, and won the Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding New Off-Broadway Play as well as the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play.
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