Every body is beach ready with BOOHOO

Interesting Fact: I have never worn a bikini on a beach...well I haven't worn one anywhere. I am not a fan of swimming or the water. It just isn't my thing. I don't see the enjoyment in water. I know its weird, but hey that's me!

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I also think one of the reasons I have never worn a bikini is because I wasn't fully comfortable with my body. I'm not going to turn this into a woe is me moment, but I didn't see women with bodies like me being celebrated in swimwear, so I didn't really think it was possible for me to be comfortable and sexy in swimwear. Every time people spoke of being beach ready it was never a woman who was curvy or full-figured. Well I am here to tell you I AM BEACH READY BABY...thanks to Boohoo!! 

I have stretchmarks
I have scars
I have marks all over my body
but guess what....I am ME!

One thing I want people to know, especially women is that you only get ONE body. So why not celebrate it!! Yes it isn't that easy and Yes, it is hard with the likes of social media telling you what 'perfect' looks like and you may not fit that look.... but that is the internet. It isn't real life. We are all different because if we were all the same this planet would be BORING. 

SO... Learn to unlearn who taught you, that your body wasn't good enough and learn that you get to set the rules for your beauty standards.  


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