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Disclaimer: I do not like feet. I do not find my feet attractive BUT I appreciate my feet looking their best after a pedicure and some care!!

I do love a pedicure at the salon. Its easier. Its a chance to relax and breathe...BUT.. sometimes you just can't afford it or you can't be bothered to leave the house!!! So why not do it yourself?!

Like I previously said, I'm not a fan of feet. I didn't really care for them that well when I was younger, because I hardly would show them, but as I have grown into a woman ;) I have decided...its time to care!! hahaha!! Real talk though, I can't stand bad looking feet. I don't know where this feeling has come from. I don't know whose toes scarred me for life, but I just feel like...if you are going to show your feet/toes...make them look good!! (personal preference)

A great thing about a at home pedicure in comparison to the salon is, you can watch your own shows, have snacks, listen to music, read a book, light a candle and relax, vibe and breathe in your own space. 

Self care is critical to the evolution of self!!

before....erm yea... YIKES!!

First...THE SOAK!! This is the part when you get to woosah and relax. 

Fill a small bowl (I got this from the 99p store..its a washing up bowl) with warm water. Add your own concotion of feet potions to the bowl that will help to soften the skin, removed dead skin and detox. This time round I added a muscle bath soak, green tea and lemons. Simple and effective!!

The Tools: nail file, cuticle trimmer, nail clipper, cuticle pusher, nail brush

After you have let your feet soak for about 10-15minutes. Its time to shape, clean and de-funk! Gently push your cuticles back, remove dead skin and file your toes into shape. As my nail beds are quite small. I can't really do much with the shape, but I do like a square shape with rounded sides. Best of both!!

Moisturise Squad: Superdrug Soothing Foot Lotion £3.49 | Superdrug Exfoliating Foot Scrub £3.49 |
This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm £16.00 

Moisture is key to successful skin! If you are not moisturising, your skin will be dry!! Not only is it important to moisturise, but it is even more important to exfoliate! Removing all the dead skin will help to soften the skin, make your feet more supple and it will help to make wearing shoes more comfortable!!

I have recently been using two products from Superdrug that have aided in my feet feeling like baby feet (I'm not exaggerating!)

Exfoliating Jojoba Seed Oil & Aloe Vera Foot Scrub Superdrug Exfoliating Foot Scrub contains gentle exfoliants, jojoba seed oil and aloe vera to smooth and soften rough and dry skin. This invigorating scrub will leave your feet feeling super soft and smooth. 

Intensive Foot Lotion Superdrug intensive Foot Cream contains aloe vera to soothe and vitamin B5, renowned for its conditioning properties. This rich cream will moisturize and condition your feet, leaving them feeling super-soft and smooth.

Hard Skin Removal Team: Magnitone Well Heeled Express Pedicure System £24.99 | Superdrug Hard Skin Remover £2.99
If you have extreme hard skin... you know..just come out of hibernation (hehe) these two products are great to refresh the skin and get rid of that stubborn hard skin. If you are old school like me, you will love the Superdrug Hard Skin Remover. It just requires a strong hand with a firm amount of pressure. If you want to relax and not put too much work in, the Magnitone Pedicure System is great, as it does all the work for you! It comes with a two inter- changeable heads Regular/Extra Buff depending on what result you want.

Soft, supple and baby feeling skin!

If I was into having my feet touched...I wish you could feel them. They are soft, supple, moisturised and sexy!! 

Now onto the toes. The stars of the show. 

I don't know why I won't do any other colour on my toes, but I feel like the summer staple colour is white. No other colour looks right to me. #TeamWhiteToes 

Rimmel Nail Base & Top Coat £4.49 | Barry M Gelly Nail Paint 'Cotton' £3.99 |
Barry M Iron Mani Ultimate Nail Hardener £3.99 

Toe Separators 60pence Wilko ;) 

I don't know whether its because I walk around alot, but my toe nails aren't the strongest. So I like to apply the Barry M Iron Mani to help strengthen the nail, then the Rimmel London 5 in 1 Nail Nurse.  I have learnt that the key to a great pedicure is to let the polish dry. Do not rush it.

Now the hardest part for me is the applying the colour nail polish, for some reason my head can't process applying polsih to my right foot correctly, my left foot always comes out perfect, but the right one. I dunno. It makes no sense to me as I am using the same hand for both, its not like doing your fingernails, we all know that pain.... so I try to take my time and apply with caution and care

use a Q-tip with some nail varnish remover to clean up the polish. 

 NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® Riche Multi-Purpose Nourishing Oil 100ml £32.00

Once all is dry. Apply a dry oil of choice. I am in love with NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® Riche Multi-Purpose Nourishing Oil. It has the most amazing smell which reminds me of my Nan and feels so luxurious on the skin. It gives a very subtle sheen and leaves the skin so nourished. 

Now my feet are ready to show off in the sun!! 

Do you do at home pedicures? If so, let me know what your routine is, or your go-to products.