#EmbracingME | Self-Care

If I were to ask you 'who are you?' would you be able to answer that question truthfully? Or would you stumble and start to create the person you wish you were? One of my phrases for this year that I am living by is...meeting people where they are, not where I want them to be. I feel a lot of us create personalities or characters of who we wish we were. I often do the same with my intention of others, and I have to learn to accept people for who they present themselves to be (fake or not) this is who they currently wish to be and that is ok. e.g. That guy you like who you wish would call you more often, but he doesn't... sis, its just not who he is. Either deal with it or let it go. He owes you nothing!

In other news...This world is nuts right now...well that isn't anything new, but its getting worse especially when it comes to our personal wellbeing and self. We are struggling with identity, we are finding it hard to be satisfied with who we are and we are getting caught up in the outside image instead of the inside image. I kinda sorta feel like we all know this...but we are choosing not to work on it or embrace who we are.

Evolution of self is a constant journey. There isn't a right or wrong way. There isn't a handbook or guide or course you can take for a week. We just have to do it.  No one said it is going to be easy, or fun... it has its ups and downs. Some days you will feel like giving up (me last week) and some days you feel like you want to go for it and then nothing happens for you! But you have to keep going regardless.

Last night I attended an event held by Curvissa for their Summer collection #embracingme. I woke up this morning and had an urge to write this blog post because that hashtag really sat with me because that is exactly what my aim for this year has been. Every year I have a word or phrase I work by
2016 ''becoming better'' (working on my daddy issues)
2017 '' be fearless'' (solo trip to Bali) 
2018 ''unapologetically me''

If you know me, you will know I am a very confident person, but its not like that everyday all day... I do often struggle with the limits, which means how much of myself can I be without making others feel uncomfortable...and its never really been an issue for me, but for some reason.. recently... it has been. I thrive being who I truly am, but sometimes I feel it may be too much for others so I limit myself or turn it down a bit, because some people aren't comfortable with that because maybe they aren't comfortable with themselves...and I got tired of it. I can't censor myself all the time.. I just can't..sooooo what you see is what you get. no apologises. I'm tired!

One of the things I did this year to truly embrace who I am was a sultry and sexy lingerie photoshoot in conjunction with Ann Summers (all photos on my instagram). As you all know I love lingerie..its my thang! So to do a photoshoot in a stunning venue with just me and the photographer just felt so liberating. I felt so sexy, so powerful and myself! I suggest everyone do a shoot like that...trust me you will feel amazing!!

So...I'll ask you again.

Who are you?

Are you working on becoming who you want to be or who you think you should be?
Ask yourself, do I like who I really am? and if not.... figure out why not?!

Self- love, confidence, worth, being takes time to develop. It requires a lot of work and honesty! If you aren't ready to put the work in...fair enough.. but when you are ready. Take your time. Do it with care and love. Don't rush yourself, don't be too hard on yourself and hopefully you can embrace you!!