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Curvy Confessions is a 1 on 1 conversation with plus-size, full-figured, curvy, body positive influencers and models. I started this series to help empower, uplift and encourage women to feel positive about their bodies and become comfortable in their own skin!!

Who are you? 
Rose Concencion, London, 26 ,  Actress & Model 

How did you become comfortable with your body? 

I think I'm still working on that. But for me it was when I could no longer force myself to try and fit the industry standard sizes. Where I had to accept my size. I remember in the past of going to the gym everyday and literally starving myself for this agency. Then when I got there I was told that I still had 2 inches to go on my hips. (Bare in mind I was 14 and went down to a 8 from a 12. ) After that I just gave up. I could no longer keep up and I accepted what my body wanted to be. And became so much happier. 
Did you have a difficult journey to accepting your body? 

I did. I always had a big bum and was teased for it. Family members. Classmates. You name it. I remember in primary school the little boys used to kick me in the butt because it was so big. Being a four year old with a big butt wasn't the greatest. So I've always been a bit self-conscious about it. Growing up in to my teens I had a small chest and in comparison my bum looked massive. Most of my family members are quite slim so I stood out. I didn't feel like I fitted in. I was teased even at home about my weight (and looking back at my old pictures. I was a perfectly fine). So it was a struggle. The only ladies I saw when I was growing up with a similar body type were the ladies in hip hop videos. They were getting praised for being hippy and having a big bum. I was also slightly a tomboy (or a young lady with rougher edges.) And growing up in holland no one was checking for a big booty girl.  So I didn't go for guys to validate my body (as they were still teasing me then). 
I had issues finding jeans to fit which (still a current issue)  I remember my sister and I going it different shops to try and find me a good pair. I ended up with some men jeans which was embarrassing as their cuts are all wrong.  Currently living in stretch jean heaven. 

Why did you decide to become a model?

I sort of fell in to it. Like most I thought it was a glamorous life (it sort of can be. But it's what you make of it). I entered a competition and won and since then been modelling ever since. It wasn't until the recent years where I felt there was a lack of representation of models of colours and shapes. I was still being compared and boxed as a model who's body is suitable for glamour rather than high fashion. 
I see it as art and being a actress I try and make a play out of it. A silent play where you the model are telling a story in one single shot. 

What are your views on the latest inclusion of plus-size women in fashion,especially as a curve model? 

I love it. I just hope that we can include more and more plus models in to daily commercials and campaigns. We are just people! So let's represent people we see on a day to day.  I just pray it doesn't become a phase and that this movement is here to stay. 
I also like how social media is having a play with more people sharing their views and images of what their shapes are and how they feel. No longer relying on the magazines to tell us how to be of feel about our bodies. 

Have you faced any difficulties being a Curve / plus-size model? 

Of course. my main struggle before size is being a black model. Where there can only be one. Woman come in different sizes and shades so why not represent all. I've also heard that I'm not big enough. Which used to hurt me in the beginning. As I felt that if I can represent woman if my size and shape then who will! Where now I've just jumped in to that role. I haven't heard any negative comments apart from the size thing. But as a positive I get great compliments on my butt 

There is still a preferred body type for curve models, which tends to be hour glass, has this pressured you to try and change your body in any way?

I believe that the hourglass shape is the most desired shape. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that I've that's your natural shape. And it's even the same for "straight size" where the industry sizes are 34,24,34. I'm a late bloomer so I didn't have big boobies until late teens early 20s. I was born this way and lived comfortably like this. I think my bottom half will always be bigger than my top. I do feel the pressure to have a slimmer stomach and to be fit. And I'm working on that. But would I drastically change myself for my modelling career and have surgery? Personally no and I know some that have but that's a deep personal life changing  decision that ideally should have nothing to do with work In my opinion.

Your favourite body part and why?

My booty!! It has been with me from the beginning and it has taken me a while embrace it. Plus breast will sag but at least I can train on my bum to keep it up and firm  

What advice could you give a young girl/woman who may be struggling with her body image?

Everyone's is different. And we might not be 100% content with ourself. So it's a journey but it's your journey. Stop comparing yourself to others as everyone is different. No one is 100% content with themselves. So it's a journey but it's your journey, your body, your rules. 

How do you celebrate your body?

I celebrate my body by taking care of it. Physically, spiritually and mentally. Physically : I try and work out when I can. Get off the bus a stop sooner and walk more. I don't smoke and I limit my alcohol intake (I try lol). 
Eating right (with the occasional cheat day here and there) and having a healthy relationship with food. Ideally I want to live a long and life so I have to take care of my body. 
Spiritually and mentally : I surround myself with positive people. Those who are likeminded and also those who don't speak ill of other and importantly of themselves. The last think you want is someone telling (without you asking) you how much calories your meal has. 
Treat yourself and take care of yourself. Be happy. This is your body and you only have one. 

Describe your body in 3 words. 
It's curvy smooth and mine 

Just remember. It's your body and it's your journey x

Thankyou so much to Rose for interviewing with me. I am so proud of your progress and I love to watch you reach higher heights!! Keep going girl!

Rose has a blog on my site where she shares issues like this. A current on going series called "things I'll tell myself". Rose also shares diy skin care tips and of course make up tricks x 

Follow Rose on all social media at @RoseConcencion and @OfficialRoseConcencion on Facebook x 

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