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Curvy Confessions is a 1 on 1 conversation with plus-size, full-figured, curvy, body positive influencers and models. I started this series to help empower, uplift and encourage women to feel positive about their bodies and become comfortable in their own skin!!

Who are you? 

Georgina Horne from Surrey, 29, blogger and model

Why do you embrace being plus-size?

Because it's not a bad thing, and I am more than just my clothing size. 

Did you have a difficult journey to accepting your body?

I did - because I have forever been told 'you have a beautiful face, when are you going to do something about your weight?'. I always felt like I was a work in progress. But I'm not. I still need to remind myself of that. 

What are your views on the latest inclusion of plus-size women in fashion? 

It's amazing and needed. We need representation. I would love to see bigger models.

You have a very unique and colourful dress sense, what inspires your fashion choices?

I try really hard to dress for me and in things that make me happy - so I guess as cheesy as it sounds, my happiness inspires me! I was miserable back at school when I tried to copy me peers, and so it feels good to be free of that. 

Where is your favourite fashion place to shop? 

ASOS! I check it every day :)

As a fellow lingerie lover, what tips could you give to a plus-size woman who wants to find lingerie to fit her shape?

Don't fear the number and letter! Not every style will suit your breast shape and size. Have fun!!

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Has having a large bust can be a positive and negative thing, when it comes to finding clothing to fit or the unwanted attention of men, how do you deal with these issues?

I just think that there will always be something that makes shopping awkward and people stare. Just wear things that fit and feel great, and keep on walking straight past those men. 

Your favourite body part and why?

My bum! I used to hate how I didn't fit into certain things, but now I buy a bigger size or something else and embrace it!

What advice could you give a young girl/woman who may be struggling with her body image?

To not try too hard to dress like her peers. To ditch friends and family and media that makes her feel shitty. 

Do you have a favourite quote/saying?

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live"

How do you celebrate your body?

I eat well, I work out and I post photos in clothing and underwear that I feel amazing in. 

Describe your body in 3 words. 

My soul's home. 

Thankyou so much Georgina for speaking with me. I love your style and fashion choices!!! Everyone go show Georgina's pages some love!





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