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I know what you are thinking...another darn natural hair product!! I thought the same when I heard of GroHealthy Shea&Coconut hair products. I thought to myself, what is this one all about?? What can this hair product do that I need? Not gonna lie, when I found it was created by SoftnFree..I gave a strong side-eye.... Well lets see what it claims to do.

A great hair care range created to repair, rebuild and moisturize thirsty, dry or stressed out hair. All products are free from petrolatum, mineral oils, sulfates, phthalates, colorants or parabens. So your hair can GroHealthy! With regular use your hair will be deeply moisturized and frizz free. All of the products in the range smell absolutely lovely, so why not give them a try?
SHEA: Nourishes roots, soothes scalp.
COCONUT OIL EXTRACT: Moisturises, adds shine, helps fight frizz and helps promote growth.
OMEGA 3: Helps rebuild, strengthen and protect hair from within.-

My naturalistas...come close...I was shocked after using this range!! No word of a lie, I used the range and was like...wait.. what just happened! I wish you could see my face when I felt my hair.

Lets start at the beginning.
GroHealthy Shea & Coconut Shampoo 355ml £2.99-£3.49

  • helps repair, rebuild and moisturize
  • produces a great rich lather as it cleanses hair and soothes scalp
  • gentle cleansing which will not strip away natural oils
  • formulated with Omega 3  - which will help rebuild, strengthen and protect your hair from within

  • I am a shampoo girl, I know a lot of naturalistas do not shampoo, but I think it is very important! Shampooing helps to reset your hair and remove all of the junk and gunk you have had in your hair. What I really like about this shampoo, is the smoothness. I don't know what ingredient it is, but this shampoo feels very moisturising in the hair. Its weird because it didn't feel like a cleansing product, it felt like a conditioner. I thought I had picked up the wrong product until it started to lather. The only problem I have with it, is that it takes a bit of a time to rinse out of the hair because of its texture.

    GroHealthy Shea & Coconut Conditioner 355ml £2.99-£3.49

  • helps repair, rebuild and moisturize dry or brittle hair types
  • deeply nourishing
  • formulated with essential oils for nourishment and growth
  • great as a deep conditioner - keep on for up to 15 minutes for a very deep conditioning treatment

  • Now onto conditioner, a naturalista's favourite product! The conditioner is great for detangling and smoothing the hair. I like the fact that is thick and creamy. It really sinks into my hair and helps to nourish the hair. The way I know a conditioner has worked, is if my curls look shiny, my hair feels soft and it feels as if its still in my hair, when it really isn't.

    GroHealthy Shea & Coconut Leave-in Conditioner 237ml £2.99-£3.49
    • Evens the porosity on hair shaft • Leaves hair soft, shiny, easy to comb • Prepares hair for styling

    Leave-in conditioners are my holy grails in my hair routine. A great leave-in conditioner can take you from drab to poppin'. So a little backstory here..which is relevant to this. I attended a GroHealthy event last October and was gifted the range in a goody bag. I came home, and put it in a corner and paid it no mind, as I have tons and tons of hair products, and didn't have any need to use it at that time. I eventually gave the range to my younger sister. Fast forward to when I received the range younger sister literally harassed me for the leave-in conditioner. She told me it was simply amazing and the best she had ever used.....people..she wasn't lying!!

    This leave-in conditioner is the BOMB!! It smells amazing, leaves my hair soon soft and my curls soon defined. I am truly impressed! I think I have found a new favourite!
    GroHealthy Shea & Coconut Curling Custard 246ml £3.49-£3.99                                  
     • A moisturizing styling tool for curl definition  • Provides crunch-less definition • Controls, shines and moisturises
    I don't know how to really feel about the Curling custard, as it didn't really have an impact on my hair. I feel my hair wouldn't miss it if I used the leave-in conditioner alone. The texture of this custard is very different to any I have used before. It is very creamy and reminds me more of a styling creme than custard. One thing I can say, is that it doesn't harden and get crunchy.  If you are a twist-out naturalista, this product may work for you!

    GroHealthy Shea & Coconut Oil Oil 113ml £2.99-£3.79
    • A multi-functional oil blend • Helps to repair, shine, protect and hydrate hair and scalp • Use daily to for moisture and shine • Prior to shampoo for scalp wellness
    This is not a pure oil blend, it has different ingredients in it, that are not oils. After trying this out, I wouldn't use it everyday on my hair to fluff and style. I would use this oil when I have heat-treated hair just solely based on the ingredients. My hair likes pure oils in its natural state, so this is a no for me.
    GroHealthy shea & Coconut Smooth Edges 56ml - £3.99

     • Controls, defines, and shines edges shine for the hairline
     • Blends textures, eliminates fly away hair -

    I can live my carefree natural hair life without edge controls comfortably, as I don't always need them. I have been using them recently to experiment with different hairstyles and looks. The edge control does give you shine, a lot of shine, but it doesn't provide great hold and it does flake!!!! Which is the most annoying thing in the worllldd!! Its another no from me.

    GroHealthy Shea & Coconut Frizz Fighter 237ml £2.99-£3.99

    • A styling tool that helps eliminate frizz • A moisturiser that helps protect against heat  • Reduces frizz, and controls fly away hair strands • Provides long lasting shine with smoothness  • After leave in and before blow dry • Anytime to smooth curls
    I have no problem whats-so-ever with frizz. I embrace frizz. I like frizz. So when I saw this product. I wasn't interested at all..but I know for some naturalistas frizz is an issue. So I tried it and I didn't see a need for it. It didn't reduce any frizz I had or control fly aways because frizz is a part of natural hair! 

    Overall Verdict

    Favourite product: Leave-in conditioner
    Product I wouldn't use again: Frizz fighter
    Overall range: 3.5 out of 5

    The full range is available to purchase at and

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