Happy New Year my beautiful people!!

It is 2017, NEW year, NEW you right??! hehe!

It's also one of the tightest months of the year when it comes to your coins!! All your money got spent on Christmas and the sales and you are down to your last BUT you still want your hair to look fly!!

Well Miss cheap and cheerful is here to help you turn your pennies into fabulous hair moments!!

Lets start with the one thing that seems to burn our pockets the most!  PRODUCTS!!!

When it comes to hair products we want the most for less, well I know I do. I'm not paying £15 for a 2oz jar of some curl concoction..no ma'm!! 

1.Buy the salon size!

If you have the coins available to go big, do so! You can buy some of your favourite hair shampoos and conditioners in 16-32oz sized bottles, which will last you for MONTHS, if not the whole year!! 

2. Look out for deals! 

Who doesn't love a bargain?? 

Keep your eyes peeled for discounts and special offers where you can get buy one get one free, buy one get the 2nd half price or 3 for 2!! I love these deals and stock up on my favourites when I can.

3. Do a product swap with your friends!

Are you and your friends always trying new products and you have that conditioner you don't really like just sitting there and you are never going to use it? Ask your friend if she has any products sitting about that she will never use again and swap. You could even turn it into a little evening with a group of friends, where you catch, have some food&drinks aka alcohol and swap products.

4. Buy sample sizes

As much as I cannot stand a hair product sachet, there have been times when I have run out of conditioner or gel and I've raided my stash and found enough sachets of one product to make up enough for me to use.  You can purchase sachets from some stores for a very low price. 
A little trick that I use is, snip the corner of the sachet and roll it up from the bottom and squeeze every last drop out into a small container. 

5.  Less is more!!

How does that even make sense... well it does!
In the winter months, you can cut down how often you wash your hair and use less product. I usually wash my hair twice a week in the warmer months and once a week in the colder months, so there fore I save a lot of product!!

I hope these tips have helped you to save some coins for the new year!!!

Let me know, what are some of your money saving tips??

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