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Yes, that's right. That's me in my underwear....and what?? haha..I'm playing! As some of you may know, I am very comfortable in my body. It didn't happen overnight, but I could easily walk down the road in just my underwear and be very comfortable! Especially this set.

I am a huge lover of lingerie!! I have shared with you ways of feeling comfortable in lingerie(read here) and how to find the perfect bra (read here) and I have told you about finding the perfect bra (read here

If you are a curvy girl like me, 38F / 16-18, you already know the struggle of finding underwear that is cute, feminine and sexy compared to old, dated and why the heck did something think that is hot underwear. I am constantly searching for sets that compliment my shape and hold up the twins! 

I found this beautiful yellow lace Por Moi set from BraStop, (shop here) which houses a whole load of different brands for us D-K cup ladies. I currently have a wishlist of what I need in  my lingerie collection! I would definitely reccommend Brastop as a place to shop if you are blessed on top and want amazing options for lingerie and swimwear!

This bra is soon o o o comfortable!! I don't have that urge to pop it off as soon as I get home! It gives me amazing support and the twins look so good in it!! The undies are so well made and my hips and backside fit perfectly. When you have a tummy it is hard to find undies that flatter your stomach and give you coverage. It also have a sheer back with a little peek-a-boo hole, which I love.

I urge you ladies  to step out of the black and white only lingerie box. It's boring, your skin and eyes deserve better! Try a loud colour, try something different, be a little daring! And what I love about colourful underwear sets is that you can wear that as part of your outfit.  You already know I like the mystery of, you can see a little and imagine the rest.

You can wear a bra with a blazer, a sheer top or something that has cut outs so you can see just a little bit.

Being comfortable in lingerie is all about YOU and how you think and how you feel. If you usually wear a black or white bra try a grey or cream if you are not ready to try a bold colour.

BUT...if you are like me and you love bold and bright colours... go ahead and wear red, green, blue or purple and make your underwear a part of your complete look.

Happy lingerie shopping and let me know what is your favourite bra colour to wear!!

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