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As many of you know, or should know. I am a novice at makeup, ya girl is still learning!!
I am learning something new everyday, whether it be contouring, baking or strobing..hehe! Its all pretty new and exciting. 

Down To Earth | Eye Palette | £15

I was sent two Down To Earth eyeshadow palettes from The Body Shop to play around with and create some looks. I first had a chance to look at these palettes at The Body Shop Christmas event. So I was really excited to have the opportunity to try them out! I am a fan of The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation (review here)  and have the British Rose eye palette, so I had a feeling I would like these palettes.

Down To Earth Palette 01 | £15

Each palette features four colours for you to create different looks, whether it be for the day time or night. I created a smoky sultry daytime/evening look with the Down To Earth palette 01. This look could be worn to work (depending where that is..) and to after-work-drinks for that happy hour! We all love a few mai this to unwind..well I do!

Inspired by the Earth's richest natural colours and enriched with babassu, and sesame oils, it's a caring formula, which prevents creasing for a long-lasting finish. - The Body Shop

I applied the light colours towards the corner of my eyes and darker towards the outer corner. Then blended it all together to create the smoky look. I love the warm brown tones of this palette and it suits my skin tone so well. OH..did I mention these palettes are 100% vegan and cruelty free! WINNING!

Another great thing about these eyeshadow palettes is that you can swap the colours around, as they pop out! I remember being shown this at the Christmas event and was like...ooooooooooh..hehe!!

Down To Earth | Eye Palette 03 | £15

I then used the Down to Earth 03 palette to create a night/club look. This look is perfect for a night out with the girls when you want to look seductive and full of allure!

I used the guide on the back of the packaging to help create the smoky eye, because I kinda, didn't have a clue what I was doing, so this was very helpful!!

From dramatic smoky eyes to totally natural day looks, this spectrum of super wearable shades can be used wet or dry to achieve any look you dream up. - The Body Shop

Down To Earth Palette 03

I'm usually not a fan of silver or grey eye makeup, but I like this palette. I love the way it enhances my eyes and is perfect to create a smoky eye!

Overall I love these eyeshadow palettes and can't wait to create some new looks!! I love the consistency and it doesn't flake everywhere..which is annoying as heck! The pigments are very true and full. 

Let me know if you have tried any of The Body Shop makeup and what you think about them, and if you haven't definitely check them out. I am a fan!

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  1. You may be a novice but you know what works for you, the make up looks good on you girl, love it! ��