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Stop Racism at Pretoria High School | Channel 4 News

I was presented with the opportunity to speak with Channel 4 News about the politics of afro hair. As you already know I am very opinionated and have shared my thought on this issue in the past at event, so I had plenty to say. Checkout my contribution below:

A little yellow lace didn't hurt anyone | BraStop

Yes, that's right. That's me in my underwear....and what?? haha..I'm playing! As some of you may know, I am very comfortable in my body. It didn't happen overnight, but I could easily walk down the road in just my underwear and be very comfortable! Especially this set.

Treasure Tress | Unboxing

The number one question I get asked about my hair is...what products do you use??

I have probably tried 80% of the natural hair products on the market. I have my favourites and the ones I can't stand, but with natural hair being the 'in thing' these days, I am open to trying new things catering to natural hair.

Down To Earth Eyeshadow Palettes | The Body Shop

As many of you know, or should know. I am a novice at makeup, ya girl is still learning!!
I am learning something new everyday, whether it be contouring, baking or strobing..hehe! Its all pretty new and exciting. 

Down To Earth | Eye Palette | £15

I was sent two Down To Earth eyeshadow palettes from The Body Shop to play around with and create some looks. I first had a chance to look at these palettes at The Body Shop Christmas event. So I was really excited to have the opportunity to try them out! I am a fan of The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation (review here)  and have the British Rose eye palette, so I had a feeling I would like these palettes.


I love chin chin, seriously..I do.

So when the chance came to review LOVE CHIN CHIN, I was very excited! I have seen this product floating around the social media waves but haven't had a chance to taste it.

Get Ready To Turn Up!!!

I am inviting you to celebrate 5 years of UKafrolista (formerly UKnaturals)

We are gonna have too much fun!!!