Put some Respeck on my name

How much work do you have to put in before you get the credit you deserve?

How many followers do you need before you become valuable?

I am tired of brands emailing me wanting to work together in exchange for nothing.

They want me to do all the work, to be given nothing in return. Oh, my bad a bottle of conditioner or curling pudding/cream/souffle/custard.

I have enough products to last a lifetime, my hair is good. She doesn't need anymore.

I think people think blogging is a simple thing. You just get up, spend 20minutes on it, post it and be done. 


This blogging thang is no joke, especially youtube! Do you know how long it takes to edit?
Do you know how long it takes to take photos and edit them? 

It takes time and in the land and world I live in. Time is money.
Que Rihanna..

I am just fed up of the standard email that offers a whole load of nothing, but the brand gains everything.
How... how does this make sense?

Let me break it down just a little bit... 

SO, you want to send me a product.
I have to try the product, lets say its a hair product. So I have to wash my hair, which requires using water and electricity.
Set up the camera, record. Upload. Edit. Edit. Edit and edit again. This can take nearly 3days sometimes or a week.
Then render, upload. Now this can take all day, and if it fails, then another day.
Then tell everyone that the video or post is up. 
Promote, promote, tag your brand all over it.
Sometimes the brand doesn't even post it on their platform.
All of that for a bottle of whatever.

No.nope. Those days are done for me

I have worked my backside off to establish myself within this space and it is insulting that some brands think its ok to do this. And I'm not speaking on small little brands. I'm speaking on some of your favs, those that have millions and don't wanna give you one coin for your efforts.

And you know why this continues to happen, because people want attention, exposure. Well... if the brand was able to find me, why do I need exposure? If you have contacted me, that means you think I hold some kind of value or credit to add to help promote your brand. So...why do you think its ok to just give me freebies in exchange for my hard work.

Well, Rachy isn't about that life

I know my value, I know my worth and it won't be tainted in exchange for some shampoo. My curls are already poppin.

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