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Travel Essentials | What's in my bag?

I head out for Natural Hair Week tomorrow! I am doing my last minute packing. Trying not to over pack or under pack. It's hard for me as I like to pack the whole house!

Poison Ivy | Dress Up

Last weekend I transformed into Poison Ivy from Batman as I was attending a birthday superhero vs villians costume party.

PINK PARCEL | It's a monthly thing!! | April unboxing

Periods..that time of the month, that happens every month, that you never asked for, it just pops up and arrives!!  That time of the month when you are reminded that you are not pregnant and you just want to crawl in a hole and stay there. Well that's how it is for me.

Maybe I was wrong! | SheaMoisture's New #BreakTheWalls Ad

I wrote a post a few months back about SheaMoisture's launch in Boots and the fact that there was this huge hype, even though SheaMoisture has been available to purchase in the UK for a few years.

REVIEW | Aullyn Cosmetics

I have been playing around with Aullyn Cosmetics for the past few months and I really like them. That sounds like such a basic statement, but in the world of natural hair care where there are so many products on the market. Sometimes you just want a product that does what you need.