How to feel Confident in Lingerie | Body Confidence

Lingerie is one of those things that some people talk about and some don't..its like the taboo of the wardrobe....but that's only because a lot of people associate it with sex.
Now lets not play naiive and not act like there is specific pieces of lingerie designed for sexual and erotic pleasures...BUT... you don't have to wear lingerie for those purposes.

I am a huge fan of lingerie because it makes me feel amazing!! I love to know I have a lacy, delicate piece on under my clothing, it is a real confidence booster. My lingerie collection is steadily growing with one pieces, basic sets, bodices and teddies. I love it!

As a fashion graduate, I have a real appreciation for lingerie because I understand how much time and effort goes into making a piece. French seams were the frustration of my fashion degree life!

Let's start with YOU first before we worry about the lingerie! Please know that you do not have to be a certain size to wear lingerie. You don't need huge breasts to look great in a bra and you don't need curves to feel feminine.  This is about your body and wearing what works for it. Your aim should never be to look like something you aren't, that will get you no where. Embrace the body you have!

Now, if you are new to lingerie, do not go and buy the most elaborate over the top pieces with tons of straps and frills. Start with what you already know. The basics. A bra and knicker set. Wearing a matching set can really make you feel more confident and put together!  If you are used to a plain black or white t-shirt bra, why not buy a set that has a lace detail, or see-through panels. Explore different types of fabrics, that will feel different against your skin.

a little peek and boo won't hurt you!

Black and white, can be very boring at times. I bet if you went to your dresser right now about 80% of your underwear is black or white!  Yes they are safe and go with everything, but step out of your comfort zone. Explore. Try a bright strong colour! Something you would never ever wear. When you are comfortable you do not grow!

This is more so aimed at women with a lil bit more meat on their bones. As a curvy woman it can be very discouraging browsing through lingerie sites and seeing women with bodies who looks nothing like you. Go to where you are celebrated. Visit websites that cater to your size! Stop trying to fit in where you don't! There has been a recent development in the fashion industry where plus size is being celebrated more, utilise it! One of my favourite brands at the moment is Fever Collection. I have a couple of pieces from them and they make me feel just as sexy as everyone else! Their fit is the to size and hugs every curve of my body. (hint hint, if you don't know what to get for my birthday...)
Whenever I wear these I feel AMAZING!! I suggest the one on the left! 

Being sexy never hurt anyone! I am a teaser! I have an inner teasing personality, I don't know how I got it, where it came from, but its a part of me I embrace. I like to wear pieces that may be on show a little. It makes me feel sexy, confident and hot!!!

Wear a see-through blouse that may show a little bit of lace or satin. Or wear a top that is slightly low cut that may just show of the bow on your bra.  Or if you want to really go there, where a lace bra with just a blazer. Be daring! It may seem weird at first, but it may also make you face your body insecurities. Step out of the safe zone!

Now, if you are ready to explore even more, take it up a notch! Get an all in one with all the trimmings! Wear it under your favourite dress and see how you feel! I think there is a bit of mystery in knowing you are wearing a hot piece underneath your dress and no one else knows.

If you work in office, get a suspender belt and wear some stockings under your pencil skirt. If you are going out with your girls, wear a bustier under your outfit to enhance your curves. Celebrate that body!!!

Yes, lingerie may be a turn on for your man, or for fun in the bedroom, BUT, it is also for you!! Don't wait for the compliments from a man, to make you feel great about your body! Put on a piece, go over to your mirror and look at how amazing you look!! Say to yourself.... this is me and I love every part of me. (even if you don't, its a start) ..then rock the heck out of it!! Feel it, work it and love it!

Being confident in lingerie will not happen over time, take your time. It goes hand in hand with self-love and learning to accept yourself for who and want you are. Work with what works for you and love your body.

oh and you are allowed to feel sexy as a woman. Never feel like your sexuality should be hidden or only accessible for men.


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