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Highlighting and contouring seems to be the hottest trend in makeup and social media land. I have seen the crazy posts of women with lines all over their faces and thought to myself... what the heck is that all about.  Like is it that serious??

 I honestly didn't really know what it was until about 2years ago. It was like all of a sudden every youtuber was contouring and strobing and highlighting and bronzing. Like where did this come from??

I am a makeup newbie and when I have watched youtube videos with girls contouring and highlighting, I truly felt exhausted watching them. It just seemed like too much for an everyday look.

But... I was intrigued to see if contouring was all hype or really the ish!! As I have seen some women  do it the right way and it can really enhance your face without you looking like you are about to hit the stage for a show! Do what works for you, but I prefer natural looking makeup rather than everyday glam.


So, I did some makeup play and exploration with the Iman Cosmetics Luxury Contour Trio kit from their new alter-ego collection. This contour kit features contour, highlight and bronzer. I took a deep breath and I literally just imitated what I had seen on youtube.

And... I think I actually did a great job! For someone who isn't a makeup guru or has low skills. I was quite impressed with myself. It was super simple to do and I didn't end up looking crazy!! I didn't apply too much, the Luxury Trio is so simple to use. I didn't feel overwhelmed or lost. Just blend, blend, blend...

LIPSTICK// Iman Cosmetics Rebel

that glow tho!

I think I will start contouring and highlighting for a night out or special occasion, as it does add dimension to your face, but I couldn't do it everyday!!

Do you contour?
Are you a fan of the new trend?

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