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Best Bra Ever | Wonderbra

I am a 38F, I have always been large chested. I don't know when buying a bra has been simple for me. It is one of the biggest struggles I have ever had. IT IS ANNOYING!! and hella expensive. Just because I have more doesn't mean I should have to pay more.

Contour Virgin! | Iman Cosmetics

Highlighting and contouring seems to be the hottest trend in makeup and social media land. I have seen the crazy posts of women with lines all over their faces and thought to myself... what the heck is that all about.  Like is it that serious??

How to feel Confident in Lingerie | Body Confidence

Lingerie is one of those things that some people talk about and some don't..its like the taboo of the wardrobe....but that's only because a lot of people associate it with sex.
Now lets not play naiive and not act like there is specific pieces of lingerie designed for sexual and erotic pleasures...BUT... you don't have to wear lingerie for those purposes.

Happy Women's International Day!!!

Happy Women's International Day!!!Today is the day we celebrate all the women around the world!! Why?? Do we really need a reason?

Mother's Day | The Body Shop | British Rose Collection

It is Mother's Day this Sunday and I had the opportunity to visit the Body Shop store in Oxford Street to learn more about their new British Rose Collection.