Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Single Ladies

All the single ladies...all the single ladies... put your hands up!! (so corny..I know)

so... Valentine's Day aka the day of love aka the day when you see everyone with a rose aka yes, I am lonely again.


OK... I hear you!!

BUT.... Let's celebrate this day a different way.

Let's make it about us!!

I am not a big fan of celebrating Valentine's Day, because I think its so cheesy and unoriginal for a man to take me out when every other woman is doing the same thing. I want to feel special!!

So...I thought...hey. This is the day of love. So why not celebrate self-love with my supporters and create a gift guide that will help empower you, celebrate being an amazing woman and suggest some items you can buy to pamper yourself.

This year Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday which is the perfect day for a pampering day by yourself or your close girlfriends. You could even plan a sleepover and then go out for the evening to a theatre show or bar. Make a day of it!!

Lets start from waking up. Now you want to make sure you are waking up fresh, no face creases and frizz-free hair! Slip pillowcases are made from 100% silk fabric. Why is this great? Because silk helps to retain moisture in your hair and skin. Silk is also a natural and hypoallergenic, which is great for those of you who have allergies. Cotton pillowcases dry out your skin and hair which can lead to breakage and wrinkles! Also, for those of you who want to look sexy for your partner and want to ditch the hair bonnet or satin head tie, this is a great option for you to fall asleep and not have to worry about all of that. You can go to sleep flawless and wake up flawless also! Everyone needs their beauty sleep!!

Once you are yourself a sexy bath!

A bath is a great way to relax, de-stress and let your worries float away! I really like to have long baths with added bonuses. This can be anything from bath bombs, essential oils, bath milks and exilirs and also adding candles can create a very soothing atmosphere. Check out my previous post of my tips to having the perfect bath HERE


Lush Cosmetics have amazing bath bombs and bubbles bars that you can add to create amazing colours, bubbles and leave your skin feeling soft, supple and moisturised. I had the pleasure of creating my own bath bomb a few years ago at Natural hair week with the Lush Cosmetics team. They are full of great ingredients that really make a difference to just a regular tub with warm water.

Soft, supple and smooth skin is what we all aim for. We want our skin to feel like butter...well I do!
If you read my skincare routine post, you will know how much I fell in love with my Magnitone London facial brush. it truly has helped clear up my skin and keep my face soft and bright. Well... it gets better! Magnitone London now have a full body brush!!! The Full Monty brush caters for your face, body and feet!!! can you hear the excitement?


This is the ultimate body brush as it also comes with changeable heads for the area you wish to use it on and it also exfoliates and tones your skin! Who needs to go to the spa when you can do it all yourself! My feet feel so soft right now, even though I don't like feet or people touching mine, I would gladly take out my socks and get you to feel how soft they are!! haha!

My nail varnish collection is ridiculous! I don't know what it is about having my nails done that makes me feel so put together, but I just love having fresh painted nails. I have been wearing acrylic nails since my birthday in November and have been experimenting with different shades this winter. i have recently become a fan of brown, nude tones or grey and light coloured shades.

FLOSS GLOSS NAIL LACQUER / BLOOD, SUEDE AND TEARS / MOON BABY £8 is a website that offers luxury brands for the..... They house a lot of brands that are new to me, which i love, as its nice to try something new. I have become a fan of these nail colours from Floss Gloss LTD. The packaging is so cute! offer great customer service and i even got a couple of bags of hairbo in my package!! I love little added details.

Nails did!

Tangle Teezer have a special Valentines duo pack this year which i think is so cute! I had the pleasure of attending Tangle Teezer's HQ launch party a few weeks ago ad me the creator behind the brush, Shaun P, who is full of life!!

This duo pack is so cute and has a gift for you and your boo, so you can detangle together!! haha!! I love the his and hers pack, as I love a man with a beard that is well kept and groomed. If you have a bearded man, you can brush his beard and he can detangle your curls...hehe!! Tangle Teezer has also launched a new brush for curly and afro hair, which I have tried out and has detangled my hair effortlessly.

Lingerie is not just for him! It is also for you! I am a huge lingerie fan! I love the feeling and boost of confidence it gives me when I may be feeling insecure or just had a bad day. I love when women embrace their sexuality and sensuality and lingerie can help you do that.


Fever Collection is a great website for women who want to take their lingerie to the next level! If you are a woman who likes to dress up or likes to be playful in the bedroom, Fever Collection is your go-to. The eye mask is so sexy and mysterious and could also be worn for an high fashion look! The body detailing is everything and more! I love the criss cross detail on the front and the straps on the back. It fits really well and makes me feel so good about my body!

What I also love about Fever Collection is their size choices for curvy and plus side women. A lot of brands do not cater for full-figured ladies and Fever Collection offers a wide range of sets and outfits for those of us who have a little extra to hold onto.

Luvli Lounge is a lingerie brand that I have been stalking for the past few weeks. As a lingerie lover I usually see images of really nice dainty lingerie that I can only dream of wearing, because they never have my size. being a full F cup can be a struggle at times, but Luvli Lounge caters for larger chested women!!


The Scarlette set is the ultimate eye catcher this Valentine's. It's red soft lace non-wired bra and high waisted brief with mesh & lace detail captivates your womanly curves whilst also hiding any mid section problem areas. The crossed back adjustable strap detail ensures you look good from the back too, so that every woman can feel fabulous no matter her angle.

I also love that Luvli Lounge is affordable and aim to help empower women and helps them find confidence through their designs.


A notebook may be a very random gift, but is great for those of you who love to write, plan and scribble down any thoughts you may have. I bought this notebook from TKMAXX at the checkout. I like to write down career goals, plans for the week and also poems or quotes I may come across. If you are a fan of keeping a journal this is also a great gift for you.


Makeup is also a great choice for a gift. I am a newbie to makeup and am currently exploring with different looks. This beautiful lipstick from Iman Cosmetics could be the perfect red lip choice for those of you who love to rock a red lip.

Whatever you do this Valentine's Day,make sure you put yourself 1st. This is a day of love and if you don't love yourself, you can't love anyone else!!

Let me know if you buy any of the items from my gift guide and even if you don't celebrate Valentine's Day, make sure you are constantly loving yourself and giving yourself the best!

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