Dear Nicola McKay,
Your job is to educate the youth. Prepare them for the world and create strong, intelligent people who are going to lead the world one day.

The fact that you feel a child's hair is more important that their education says more about your education and skillset as a teacher. You should be suspended. Our children deserve better.
Our young black girls are already fighting a battle they did not ask for and you as a black woman should understand that. But I can not solely blame you, as someone taught you that your natural hair is not beautiful. Someone taught you that your hair is not valuable and only worthy when brushed or 'kept'. Ms McKay, you need to unlearn the ignorance you have been taught and empower young black girls to be the best they can be regardless of their hair, which is a constant pressure in itself.
A fly afro wearing woman

P.S. You might wanna check your eyebrows first!

Girls Fight Back After Getting Suspended Because Of Natural HairThese girls were suspended from school because their natural hair looked “unkempt”
Posted by NowThis on Tuesday, 16 February 2016

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