New Year // New Tings

So this is my first blog post of 2016.

I have delayed it for a reason.
Simply because, I didn't really know what to write.

My mind has been stuck.

And its simply because I am expanding and evolving my brand, which takes alot of self-assessment and exploration for the path you want to go in.

Alot of people know me as a natural hair blogger, and yes that is one of my interests...but..I am frankly bored of it. I am more than my hair!

It can be very frustrating when you reach out to brands or they contact you and we have done our research and we feel like your brand is too hair orientated.


Now I am not complaining because I have had some amazing oppourtunites over the past four years because of being a hair blogger and have some great hair associated things in 2016 planned...BUT... a girl can only do so many wash n gos... so the hair posts will be reducing.

Unlike my hair... *poor afro joke* #BigHairDontCare

No neck ache though

I am more complex than the strands upon my head and I have loads more to that is what I am going to do this year.

You are going to get a bit of everythang!

So this year is about growth and development for me and you!

I will be talking more about lifestyle and well-being!!

I want you to explore and grow with me. I want you to visit my platforms and think, ponder, wonder, laugh, cry and explore your mind. This is my expression and I want to be able to express and you connect, even if you cannot relate to me. Even if you have no experience. I just want you to be able to feel something,good,bad or ugly (but we are #teampretty in these streeets)


And...I have a new youtube channel and I am excited to provide new content for you all!!


So here is to 2016!!

Thanks for rocking with me so far

And let's do this mayyyynnnn (Lil Jon voice)

Oh and its the year of the GIFs...


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