I had an oyster and liked it!

I am a lover of food. It brings me so much joy and happiness.

Being a pescartarian I am experimenting more with different recipes and dishes. I am becoming a bit more creative in the kitchen and loving new flavours.

So my friend invited me to a tasting evening at Bouillabasise, modern seafood restaurant in Mayfair. When I read oysters I thought

Then... I thought ok..let me try it. I have had weird foods before, such as a Zebra and Camel burger. It didn't taste odd at all. I remember having Shark in Barbados a few years ago and loving it. I could eat that right now!! anywho...

So we sat down and were served and presented with a beautifully presented bowl full of oysters. And I was still a bit iffy about it.

I took one, put it in my mouth....and chewed. I was meant to swallow it!!

It wasn't actually bad at all. Funnily enough it doesn't really have a taste. So I had another one!

I also had a tour of the restaurant and had a chance to meet the lobsters and crabs, chilling in their tanks before consumption! Harsh, but it is what it is.
Fun Lobster Fact: Lobsters have teeth in their stomachs.
I wonder what food is next for me to experiement with and try.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

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