Dear 2 year old self

Dear Rachael,

You haven't got a clue what is ahead of you and that is ok. Fear is a beautiful thing, as it allows space for you to develop and grow.

Not everyone is going to support you, no matter how hard you love them..but that doesn't mean you love them less. Love doesn't have a measurement,it just is. The way it is shown is what matters. You will learn that sooner than later.

Friends are great people to have in your life, but you don't need a whole load of them. Keep people with value around you. People that support you and don't judge. Quality over quantity applies to alot of things.

Your thoughts and opinions will not always be respected but that is ok,because they are yours. For you,by you. Never lose that. Never comprimise that to try and fit it. It doesn't work. Standing outside the crowd you can see alot of things that the crowd can't. Use that. Its ok to sit back and let others lead but at least have an idea of where you are heading. That person may have better navigation skills,but you have other amazing things to offer aswell.

Follow your gut. It is usually right.

There will be times when you feel less than. There will be times when you feel ugly. There will be many times when you feel broken. But you will get through them, because you are strong and ever growing.
There is no limits to your greatness and the times you feel like giving up. Pause. Think about and try again. Just like when you can't read a word.

Your beauty is something that doesn't matter,because your mind will take you further. More than an afro or curves ever will.

The path will lead you down some weird roads and lanes. Don't be scared,be smart.

Men lie. So do women. Everyone does. Don't take it personal. Don't blame yourself. Just understand that it isn't about you.

Fight your battles. If you lose, fight again. Fight till your knuckles bleed and you are tired. But don't kill yourself. Take time out to enjoy life and just be. Surround yourself with those who understand you.

Always give back. In everything you do. Even if you never get a thankyou. Its about the action not the reward.

Boyfriends are not important. Hugs are amazing and mean more than kisses. Love is complicated and there is no rush for it. Being single isn't bad and doesn't make you less of a woman. Have fun. Dance. Laugh. Cry. Run.

Your life is for you to enjoy.

Enjoy being you. No one else is you.

Love 28 year old Rachael


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