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Skincare Routine

This post is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY overdue!! I have been testing and trying different products over the past 6months and I finally have a skincare routine that works!

Dear 2 year old self

Dear Rachael,

You haven't got a clue what is ahead of you and that is ok. Fear is a beautiful thing, as it allows space for you to develop and grow.

7 top tips for the perfect relaxing bath

Everyone is so busy these days, running around doing more than a million things at one time. I struggle with finding time to relax and unwind. I don't put aside time to just breathe and be. It can have major effect on your energy levels if you don't take time to be with yourself and relax. I love the peaceful-ness I get with baths. They help me to relax and cleanse my skin at the same time!!

These are seven of my top tips to the perfect relaxing bath that will help you soothe your skin and unwind your mind.

I had an oyster and liked it!

I am a lover of food. It brings me so much joy and happiness.

Being a pescartarian I am experimenting more with different recipes and dishes. I am becoming a bit more creative in the kitchen and loving new flavours.

November Favourites & Mini Haul

November is my birthday month! I had an epic bday and celebrated more than once! hehe! Check out some of my favourites during my birthday month and some goodies I bought from the charity shop