Brunch at Counter

After a fun night at the Blogger's Hangout Secret Sleepover, we were treated to brunch at Counter in South London. Brunch is one of those American things that the UK has adopted that I actually like, because I am a huge foodie!

I have been to Vauxhall in South London many many times and have never noticed Counter. Counter is located right next to the Vauxhall rail station.( Address: Arch 50, 7-11 South Lambeth Place, London SW8 1SP)

Entering the restaurant we were greeted by the waiter who took our luggage and put it in storage, which is a massive bonus. You can literally go shopping then go to brunch and have your bags in a safe place.

We were then escorted to a beautiful table at the back of the restaurant which had amazing, beautiful flowers in the centre. I am a fiend for table decor, it makes a huge difference to the atmosphere and experience.

I browsed the menu and loved the options available, especially for a pescatarian like me. Brunch options are mainly eggs with something, and most times bacon or meat. I chose the baked eggs, truffle mushrooms, tomato, spinach & walnut pesto dish.

We were offered tea, juice and water. I  chose all three!! haha!! I like variety. One thing about Counter which I loved, was the service. Customer service for me is a HUGE HUGE thing when I go out to eat, as eating out is an enjoyment for me. I love when servers have personality and satisfy your needs, rather than have attitude and act like you are not worthy of their time.

My food arrived and I loved the presentation. It looked so inviting! I was ready to indulge... and boy oh boy was it good! I loved the pesto with the mushrooms, I need to try that out when I next make a mushroom dish.

We were then presented with Bellinis, by the owner, who was an amazing host. He explained the history of Counter and took us on a venue tour to the brother venue, BackCounter, which has very interesting decor. They host very entertaining events with a lot of glamour and fun! I may have to swing by one evening soon!

The Belinni were a great end to my birthday celebrations which I accompanied with dessert... as full as I was from my brunch, I found room for dessert. I ordered the fried apple pie. It sounded so intriguing and I love apple pie, so I wanted to see how Counter does it.

I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED (yes, I am shouting) It was..EVERYTHING....and more!! One of the best desserts I have ever tasted... The pastry was soooo good!!

My overall experience of Counter was great and enjoyable. I will definitely be visiting again very soon, as I have a few meetings coming up that would be great there. I would suggest this restaurant to you, my stomach was happy, and yours will be too!

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