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Bloggers Hangout Secret Sleepover

Some of you may know that I am a member of the Bloggers Hangout crew..hehe!! It is an amazing platform that connects brands with bloggers. I have worked with alot of brands, thanks to them!! About a month ago there was an email announcing the opportunity for a handful of bloggers to be selected for a secret sleepover.
I was in two minds about applying as it was my birthday weekend, but my holiday plans fell through, so I applied...and your girl was picked!!

 1 house, 6 bloggers......it was going to be interesting!!

I packed my bag with the essentials and brought a mini suitcase, as I was told we would be going home with some goodies. So I was expecting maybe 2 or 3 items, nothing too big!! Well....I was wrong!

On arrival, I entered the house and greeted everyone, Brogan TateKhrissie LovesThe Stylum, Seema Kukadia and The Clothes Maiden and then was told that there were mini massages in the next room..... yay!!! I was in need for a massage... desperately... stress can give you such a tense back! The massage was BOMB....like.. my back felt sooooooo good!! I was ready to go to sleep...hehe!!
So I went back to the main room and we were told we could rummage our gift bags.

Listen....I wasnt ready!!!

Two jam-packed bags full of goodies... it was like Birthday and Christmas all in one.

like WOAH!!

Where do I start? So many interesting food and beauty brands. Many thanks to

Balsajo // http://balsajo.com
Charlie and Ivy's // http://www.charlieandivys.co.uk
Conscious Skincare // http://www.conscious-skincare.com
Corkers Crisps // http://www.corkerscrisps.co.uk
Couture Treats // http://www.couturetreats.co.uk
Delicious Alchemy // http://www.deliciousalchemy.co.uk
Doll White // http://www.dollwhite.com 
Don Gaucho // http://don-gaucho.com
Double Dutch Drinks // http://doubledutchdrinks.com
EarlyBird // https://earlybird.fm
Fake Bake // http://fakebake.co.uk
Heck Food // http://heckfood.co.uk
Kenneth Turner // http://www.kennethturner.com
Lily O'Briens // https://www.lilyobriens.ie
Love Kombucha // http://lovekombucha.co.uk
Luscombe Drinks // http://www.luscombe.co.uk
Madame La La // http://www.madamelala.com
Meyli Miyaru // http://www.meylimiyaru.com
Natural Spa Factory // http://www.naturalspafactory.com
NOSH Drinks // http://www.noshdrinks.com
Original Additions // http://www.originaladditions.co.uk
PHB Ethical Beauty // http://www.phbethicalbeauty.co.uk
Popcorn Kitchen // http://www.popcornkitchen.co.uk
Portlebay Popcorn // http://www.portlebaypopcorn.com
Sweet Pea Pantry // http://www.sweetpeapantry.co.uk
Taste Cocktails // http://www.tastecocktails.com
The English Cheesecake Company // http://englishcheesecake.com
The Make Pack // http://www.themakepack.com

Sweet Potato Balti Curry / Classic Ratatouille / Chia seed pot / Triple Chocolate Brownie

 YAY! Food... we pre-selected our dinner prior to arrival. It was delivered via EatFirst and I tried...key word..tried to make a cocktail using the Taste cocktail set...I made something that wasn't quite what it was meant to be, but it tasted really good!! Alcohol is alcohol...hehe!!

Brogan having a manicure / Drank drank

Once we finished eating our food, we decided to warm our chocolate brownies in the oven and defrost the mochi (which were a new experience to me, but I liked them!) We choose a film on Netflix to watch. 'Love Rosie' was chosen.... I didn't enjoy it, was quite boring and predictable. We then watched some Youtube and winded down for bed.

Yawn Sleep Repeat //  Primark

We were told that we had to wake up early to get ready for brunch at Counter( review here), which was exciting. All in all it was a fun experience, that I would do again.

Many thanks to Danielle at the Blogger's Hangout for having me and I look forward to more exciting events!!

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