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Bloggers Hangout Secret Sleepover

Some of you may know that I am a member of the Bloggers Hangout crew..hehe!! It is an amazing platform that connects brands with bloggers. I have worked with alot of brands, thanks to them!! About a month ago there was an email announcing the opportunity for a handful of bloggers to be selected for a secret sleepover.
I was in two minds about applying as it was my birthday weekend, but my holiday plans fell through, so I applied...and your girl was picked!!

Brunch at Counter

After a fun night at the Blogger's Hangout Secret Sleepover, we were treated to brunch at Counter in South London. Brunch is one of those American things that the UK has adopted that I actually like, because I am a huge foodie!

Mazuri | Product Review

I have been team straight hair don't care for the last couple of weeks. Sometimes you gotta switch it up!! When I do straighten my hair, I don't use a lot of products that will weigh it down, so I still have great movement and volume to my hair.

One of the issues many naturals have when it comes to having straight hair, is fighting humidity, which makes your hair revert back. This can be annoying when you are trying to make the style last a few days longer. It is also harder to add moisture to your hair without using water based products. So, what do you do?

Hairsay Ep.4 | @CurltureUK x @UKafrolista

I was kindly invited as a special guest for an episode of CurltureUK's show Hair Say.

We spoke about SheaMoisture in the UK, What is an Afro, Social media and MORE!!!

Cat Foodie | Online Pet Food

You may or may not know but I am the proud mother of three cats. Yes..I am the cat woman!! hehe!!!

My puddings have now turned into bloggers!! hehe!! I was sent some products from Online Pet Food for them to review.

How to stay MOTIVATED!!

It can be hard to stay motivated and positive allllll the time! Who really has time for that, life happens, right?!
But, if you give up. Who is going to do it for you?

These are some of the tips I live by in order to keep focused and achieve my goals!

Designer Underwear for LESS!

Lingerie has become my latest obsession! There is something very pleasing and satisfying about wearing matching underwear or luxury lingerie. Its give me a boost of self-confidence and a spring in my step for the day.

REVIEW: Dominican Haircare

If you have been in the natural hair world for a long time, you may have heard of or come across Dominican Haircare products. Over the years I have seen reviews about how great their deep conditioners are, and was curious about them, but never ventured out to try!

Then I received a review request from Dominican Haircare and ran at the chance to try them out!

New Obsession // Over The Knee Boots

I don't know how or where this obsession has come from, but I am in love with Over the knee boots. I may be late to the trend, but I don't pay  attention to them. So I didn't know it was a thing for the winter!! Hehe!!

I  have been bookmarking page after page with boots that make me go oooh and aaah.

October Favourites

November is here!! Yay!!

Its my birthday month!! I'm super excited!!

Last month I explored into more beauty products, including iWhite teeth whitening, Magnitone London's barefaced cleansing brush, some body stuff from Lush Cosmetics and more!!!