Straight Hair Don't Care

Last week I straightened my hair for the first time in 3years!! Time flies by so quickly!!

I really wanted a change because as much as I love my bouncy big curls, I was getting bored!
Now, straightening my hair isn't an easy process at all.
Clearly feeling myself! Heatless curls using 2 large bantu knots!!

First I had to detangle my fro, then blow dry to make the straightening process easier. Once that was all done which takes about 10000 days aka 1hour and a half. I proceeded to straighten, using a heat protectant of course,because heat damage is not hot!!!

Using standard straighteners never gets my hair slick bone straight, I would need a hot comb for that. My hair is old school!!
Length Check- Bra Strap

My 'semi-straight' hair only lasted for about 5hours before slightly reverting back and frizzying up. So I created loose wavy curls using two tight bantu knots.

This whole week I've been loving my hair but I must say the looks from men have been very interesting. When my hair is in its natural curly fro state, there are a handful of men that would look in my direction. But bring out the Beyonce hair and bamm its like I was the hottest thing on the menu and it felt weird!! Am I only appealing with straight hair? Do men not find my natural curls beautiful? Or are men so consumed with the European standard of beauty that it has altered their perception of appeal and attractiveness. So many questions, no time for me to actually care and answer because I love my hair no matter what style its in and I know its appealing regardless...but these thoughts did pop up in my mind.

I am also thinking about dyeing my hair a dark brown or black... I'm no longer feeling this bright honey blondish brownish colour...why do I do this to myself? Stay tuned to see if that happens!!

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