One of those days

As confident as I am with myself, I have my days when I feel ugly. When I feel not good enough.
Yes, I promote body positivity, but its hard to constantly be in that mindset.

I go shopping sometimes, try on clothing and I think..if I loose weight here it will look better..if I tone up there it will look great.
Then I find an outfit that fits,but my breasts will be bulging out and I then I think..I don't wanna look slutty. I don't wanna look too sexy...

Its a constant battle..and I have to say to are are enough.

Trust me I understand how much of a mind field it can be at times..its all part of the journey to self takes're allowed to be in your feelings.. just don't stay there.

You're allowed to be in your feelings..just don't stay there.
That is the danger zone.

Being confident takes time
Don't pick yourself apart
Build yourself up

Loving yourself includes loving everything... the parts you love..the parts you hate.. Being curvy sometimes puts you in a weird space because society doesn't celebrate you. And when they do its a certain shape.
Being black sometimes makes you feel not good enough, and then its a certain shade that is celebrated.
Being a woman sometimes makes you feel powerless..but we hold all the power.

Having an honest conversation with yourself and start working on you for YOU... its about you and how you feel about you.

Its your it for you. ♡

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