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And the winner is.... well it wasn't me because I wasn't nominated for an award ....hehe!!

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I attended the Beauty Bloggers Awards yesterday at the Olympia. I obviously didn't do my research because I thought it was an awards ceremony find out it was an expo and award event. (The event name needs to change!!)

In the main room there were beauty products and treatments galore! One thing I must say I never knew there were sooooooo many nail polish, eyelashes, eyebrows and teeth whitening brands!! I'm not into cosmetics and makeup like that so it was a bit much for me.

This lady had been there for 4 hours being tattooed!!

One stand that really got in my feelings was the permanent cosmetics brand. Women were getting tattooed eyebrows, lipstick and even eyeliner! That is so extreme and I think should only be done in severe cases such as face reconstruction or hair loss due to illness, not for vanity purposes..but then I remember the world I live in.

It seemed like this was the venue for everything quick-fix, which is really sad!! As much as I understand people are busy or lazy its so deep to know people care so much about their looks more than health...because alot of those procedures are not healthy!!

After browsing around and talking to some brands I went over the hall where the actual Beauty Blogger Awards were taking place. There were a few brands to speak with such as SkinAccumax, NYX Cosmetics and Magnitone. (So in love with my Magnitone brush!!)
Me and bae, mr broccoli

One thing that I did notice about the award nominations is that there was only one black blogger nominated, Wande from Wande's World, which is a shame!

All in all the event was alot of fun, I may return next never know I may be nominated!!

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