Last night I was on the Dotun Adebayo show on BBC Radio London. 

This is my second time of radio, but my first time in a radio studio.
It is very interesting how everything works. It isn't as simple as sitting in front of a microphone and talking!!

The theme for this show was young black female moves and shakersnof 2015. We spoke about some of the issues or struggles we have faced as young black women striving towards being successful in business and the workplace.

The conversation was interesting because we all come from different backgrounds.


Rebekah Issacs // Lawyer and owner of Stylists NetworkKamden monplaisir // Owner of The Esther Academy Nadia Jae // Radio presenter for Bang Radio FM
If you missed the show, you can listen online via BBC Radio London - Dotun Adebayo on Sunday, Powerful young black women -
The headphones were messing up my fro and I had 2 secs to throw it up in a puff before we were back on air 😊

Many thanks to Valley Fontaine who gave me this amazing oppourtunity.

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