Vernez App Launch Event

I was invited last week by the Blogger's Hangout to attend the Vernez App Launch because I had so much going on, I scanned the email, RSVP'd and didn't really know what the app was about, which works in my favour as the event provided me with all the information I needed.

So Rachy, what is it then?..what did you learn?

Well eager beaver reader...

"Vernez is an innovative fashion app for users to create and share style stories that have a magazine look and feel. From editorial features to outfit ideas, Vernez unites a community of passionate individuals who can express their opinions on fashion to the right audience on this platform. Vernez users can follow each other, and follow individual items in order to see how others style them, therefore enjoying a truly personalised fashion discovery experience." - Vernez

At first I thought....but isn't this app just like Pinterest, but then listening even more and watching Sofia demonstrate the simplicity of creating your own edits, changed my mind. I actually could see myself sitting for hours creating pages and pages of fashion looks and edits. The concept is very fresh and makes sense to those who are fashion-forward.

Canapes...the pink one was a salmon mousse something..very nice!! 

Charged up!! Power station!

This app is also a great tool for creating mood boards, styling looks and future can shop directly via the app!! Which saves time, because my phone cannot house every online brand's app... Storage is vital!! hehe! skin is GLOWINGG!! 

Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to use the app myself as I am part of the Android crew, but the Vernez family have assured me it will be available soon! You can download it on the app store.
Much love to @AvaBVerene who spotted me and showed so much love ♡♡♡ check out Ava's blog

I need one of these mirrors in my life!
My outfit:
Dress // Primark
Blazer // Sample sale NYC
Bag // Camden Market

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  1. Such a shame you are an android user but please email me if you wanted to meet up for coffee to have a go at the app, we also have a work shop coming up on the 7th october, you can see this on our Facebook page,
    Thanks for the post!!! Perfect <3 xxx