Netflix and Chill

 Netflix and Chill seems to be the new way of getting a girl to come to your house for extra activities aka sex...and I say girl because a grown woman knows what it really means!!

Now... I am a very old fashioned romatic and love men who think outside the box and use their imagination to make dates special and unique. That is a rare thing these days!!!

I went on a few dates in the last couple of weeks, the first of the year and lets just say. I have not been missing out on anything!!

Netflix and chill can be a great date with the right man if he uses his imagination, creativity and browses Pinterest. Make an effort!! A date in the park can be interesting if it becomes a picnic. A visit to the museum can be fun, if there is a candle-lit dinner set up in another room... yes I have watched too many films & millionaire matchmaker. But the possibilities are endless!

Dates are an oppourtunity to interest the other person for a possible future together. Some people think..mostly men..think dating is expensive...erm nor if you use your head bro! I can take a guy out on a date with £10 and it will be one of the best dates he has ever had!

Ladies if he isn't going above and beyond to impress you. What is the point? You should feel excited before going on a date. Not like its a bother and a pain to leave the house.  You can get your own subscription to Netflix and your popcorn... and if he just wants sex..then just have sex.

Imagine you are watching a good film and then he starts getting touchy and you're like....

Its such a lazy option!!! With sources such as google and Pinterest..there are no excuses for dry dates!! NONE!! The same way there is no reason for other things such as bad eyebrows, wigs, shape-ups and bad breath when Youtube exists. (I'm just saying...)

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