How to become CONFIDENT

I didn't become confident over night.
It was a process.
It took alot of sad days.
It took alot of tears.
It took alot of people telling me I was ugly, fat, not good enough.
It took alot of work!

It took me deciding that I needed me and the only person who could do that is me.

Yes I can give you tips on how to think differently, how to walk with your head up high. but its up to you to do the work.

I'm here to inspire and guide you
But I am not you.
I am not on your journey.

Your journey is yours to discover.
Yours to own.

No matter how many quotes,books or videos you watch...its all comes down to the point, the day when you decide. I have to do this for me..I have to love me, want me and become better everyday...otherwise..what is the point!!

♡ LOVE YOURS & explore the process!!

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