Finding the perfect bra with Chantelle Paris

I am a blessed chested woman, and find it very hard to find feminine, beautiful and sexy bras. Whenever I find bras in my size (38F) they are always old looking or boring!! Big breasts need love too!!


I had lunch at the Chantelle Paris Lingerie Showroom in central London, this week and had the oppourtunity to learn more about the Chantelle Paris brand, be measure correctly for a bra and how to feel confident in a bra. I also learnt a lot about the history of the Chantelle Paris brand.
this is soooooo hot!

I want to recreate this!

As a fashion graduate I have a huge passion for beautifully made garments, especially underwear and lingerie as the construction is a long process and so precise. Do you know how hard it is to execute a french seam???

Lingerie for me when I was younger used to be a 'grown folks' thing. For when you want to get hot and sexy but as I have grown in a woman, lingerie and underwear is all about me feeling great about my body.

I want this!! Its sooo pretty!

When you wear a beautiful matching set of underwear you do feel like you can take on the world!! I always feel a bit more feminine and in tune with my body and shape.

Bra fitting expert Sandra Dyke, fitted me for a bra, and it was one of the most informative experiences ever!! I literally felt like a new woman. I am very comfortable with my body but wearing the correct bra can make a huge difference to how your clothing fits, how your breasts sit and how comfortable you feel... you know that feeling when you get home and the 1st thing you do is throw off your bra!

When wearing the Chantelle Paris pieces I felt sexy, confident and COMFORTABLE!! Being a larger busted can be very uncomfortable at times and can cause havoc on your back, but when fitted correctly, my posture changed and I felt like I wasn't wearing a bra at all!! WIN!!

How do I know I need to be fitted or I have on the wrong bra? When do I need to buy a new bra?

Here are some tips from Sandra Dyke:

• Your bra straps are always slipping off of your shoulders, even after altering the straps.
• Your breast are bulging out of the bra.
• Your underwire is cutting into your skin.
• The centrepiece of your bra digs in or standing away from your body.
• You put your hands up in the air and your bra moves.

Because I had such a great experience at the Chantelle Paris showroom, I want to share it would some of you!

I want two of you to join me for an evening of fun, bra fittings and information to make feel more confident in your underwear and clothing.

To enter all you have to do is let me know why you want to come....
Also leave a contact email address so I can let you know if you have won 😊

And for those who may be across the big pond or not in the UK... I have a gift for you...

I would like to thank Kerri and Sandra for such a great experience. You really made a changed woman!!


  1. I would like to come because being a size 36 G (I think) it's hard for my to find cute bra's that give me a little confidence as the only ones that are available to me are granny bra's from M&S. I would love to know how different bra's complement clothing and just be able to feel confident and sexy and most importantly comfortable no more are the days of your bra straps creating dents in your shoulders. My email is

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