Everything But The Memories

Aren't they so cutesy!! 

I recieved a package today from Everything But The Memories. They specialise in custom and personalised gifts for birthdays, weddings, birthdays and any special occassions.

I remember back in the day when you went on holiday and looked for pencils with your name on it and I could never find RACH-A-E-L always RACH-E-L....

This is going straight on my keys!

I love custom gifts because it shows that someone put in extra effort to give you something special and different. It also shows how well someone knows you!

This is my fav!! I love the quote! I'm a quote-fiend (if you follow me on instagram,you will already know!!) 

Good Friends Are Like Stars,
You Don't Always See Them,
But They're Always There

Tigress loves them too!! 

I am a person who loves the extra details in things and decorations. I may have to order some things for Christmas...or someone can order me something for my birthday (17th November) hehe!!

Check out Everything But The Memories website for more custom goodies!!

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