Bloggers Fashion Week 2015

September is the January of the fashion world! There are events and fashion shows all month long!

As a fashion graduate and previously being a fashion designer in the industry, September is the month you run around in heels you can't even walk in and carry more things you don't need in your bag! Oh and batteries for the camera, backup battery for the phone..its hectic!

So to kick off my fashion month I attended the Blogger hangout's Bloggers Fashion Week at the OXO Tower on Monday.

Sheer shirt // Charity shop
Bra // Primark
Skirt // H&M
Tights // Primark
Boots // Matalan
Necklace // Can't remember :) 

Now... if you read my previous post 'All black everythang' you will know how annoyed I was with the 'black chic' dresscode as all black isn't my style at all..but..I managed to put something together.

I attended with my friend Layla, who is currently working on her own luxury brand and wanted her to get some inspiration from some of the brands showcasing at the event.

On arrival, we explored the main room and spoke to a few brands, such as Benefit Cosmetics who showed me some of their new lip tints that I was excited about. I love their 'they're real' seriously will give you fake looking eyelashes!! I also have a few other bits that were gifted to me at Beautycon, but as a newbie to makeup I haven't really explored them yet.

Walking around it was interesting to learn about new brands and discover new fashions.

The gifting lounge was manic! People automatically assume bloggers get tons and tons of freebies, but for me, that isn't why I blog. I love working with brands to bring awareness to my supporters and readers for them to gain more knowledge and possibly purchase in the future. Yes, freebies are cool, but the way I saw some bloggers begging for things was very sad!! Remember no such thing as a free lunch!!

There was a balcony area that sat above the Thames and was the perfect area for selfies as the lighting was immense!! I named it the selfie balcony!!hehe!!

One of the brands I loved was Little is a natural nail polish brand that is odor free, made with natural ingredients and my favourite feature, it peels off easy!! Perfect for when your nails start to chip and you want to get rid!

I also spoke with some of the jewellery brands there, which were not my style but I can appreciate the craftsmanship of handmade jewellery!

One of the brands I was really looking forward to speaking with was Magnitone. I have recently started a regular, well lets say I have tried to keep a regular skincare routine to help even my skin tone and add some brightness to my skin. My face has a few marks from plucking those unwanted crazy hairs on my chin and from my every growing sideburns!! I have been debating between purchasing a Clarasonic or Magnitone cleansing brush for a while and was literally two clicks away from buying a Clarasonic, but wasn't sure as they are quite expensive!! Magnitone kindly gifted me a cleansing brush, which I am so thankful to receive... and I have been using it everyday..and I do see a difference!! Stay tuned for my review!

I also received some gifts from some of the other brands in attendance and can't wait to try and wear some of them.
Magnitone cleansing brush, Boadieca Notebook, Miglo necklace, Valmont skincare,
Little Ondine nail polish, True Brit London nail polish, Earrings from Gallardo& Blaine

The one thing I was disappointed with was the fashion show. Some of the pieces were beautiful, but I became bored really quickly!! I have been to tons of fashion shows and it could have been 300 times better!

Overall the event was a nice chance to speak with brands, meet other bloggers and have a nice evening out!!
Shout out to Sade (@Sade__x) thanks for showing love!! Check out her blog here

Check out my video below for my vlog!

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