Pose for the camera!

When I was younger..about 14/15 years old. I wanted to be a hair model.
I then learnt that you can't trust everyone and anyone in your hair..so the dream quickly disappeared.

But... I enjoy talking photos...
There was an oppourtunity to do a photoshoot with Natural Hair Daily and Kel B for a project called Coquine: The Beauty of Kinky Hair Realized. So I entered and I was picked!
With Cherelle

I was told to come with your hair as you want...so I just rocked my normal wash n go...

Shout out to Rayssa!! She is amazing!!

Now...I wasn't given alot of details about makeup looks other than wear a base..well I don't own any foundation,powder and all that..so I came naked faced and left it to the hands of the makeup artist. I am always weary of makeup artists when it comes to my face, because I have never had a look where I felt like I looked great, but still like me. I'm not into all that extra stuff like contouring and highlighting..just make me look like an enhanced version of me!

One thing I loved about the MUA, Rayssa,  is that she explained step by step what she was doing and why...I really appreciated that! And...Rayssa made me look so pretty..but still like me!!

It was now time to shoot, I wasn't nervous at all, but felt slightly awkward as I was told just to make slight moves and changes with my head...

I did feel like my session was rushed due to the other ladies waiting to have their photos taken, but all in all I had a great time!!

I only got to pick two out of the final pics.
And..my photo was featured on Essence.com (my 3rd feature on there..hehe)

so...here are the final photos.... do you like?

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  1. Fabulous!! I'm SO glad I went natural! Your hair...I don't even think the word amazing is a good enough word! You look stunning!