New Hair Colour....again!!

Well. As you know social media and hair colour has me feeling some type of way.
I was scrolling through social media and came across some beautiful photos of golden brown curls. I screenshotted them and thought, I'll do it soon.

Then I kept seeing different hair colours, my girl Kala @thekglifestyle posted a video of her hair this morning and I was like...ok I'm going to do this today!!

So I went to Superdrugs and picked up the L'oreal Preference Ombre effects in No.1. I used this hair colour brand a month ago to achieve the brown colour I had. (Check post here) So I knew this would work...well hoped it would!!

Application was easy. I let the colour sit for about 35/40mins then rinsed....and wallah
Before | After

Oooh Honey

Honey brown curls...I love them. I have had a similar shade a couple years ago and I have fallen in love all over again!!
So if you follow me on IG... expect to see selfies galore!!

Are you thinking about a new hair colour soon?

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