New Brand for you to be aware of

Franc & Ivy is your lifestyle brand that uplifts your mind, body and soul through art and natural products.

" Our motto is 'Shop for the Good Life' as we both found living the good life comes from creating the best space within your home as well as treating yourself with love and care. We are here share the best of what we have created with you. "

Franc - focuses on the uplifting elements that relaxes and gives you a feel good energy boost. After a long day you can relax and unwind by pampering yourself with our body scrubs or oil blends that detoxifies any stresses that life may bring.

Ivy - focuses on brighting up your personal space with bold and colourful art work that compliments your home decor or enhances your office or studio. The prints we sell will shine and be a great asset to your day to day space.

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