Curly Hair Magazine Launch & 1st Issue Review

Last week I attended the Curly Hair Magazine launch party At Grace Bar in London. I met the owner of the magazine, Sandra at a previous event, where she explained the essence of the magazine and invited me to attend.
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I don't buy hair magazines anymore, as I feel they are very dated, and not fashion forward. I used to buy hair magazines every single month for a good 7years. I was always looking for new ways to style my hair. For me, a natural hair magazine should provide information and content that I can't access on the internet via blogs and Youtube.

I arrived at around 3.30pm for the press mixer with my friend Shana. Sandra and her team greeted us at the door and gave us a gift bag and a glass of prosecco. We took some photos at the step and repeat with the instagram frame and then proceeded into the main area of Grace Bar's milk bar. I have previously visited this venue for another brand's event two years ago and remembered how beautiful it was.

Met a supporter Wande @wande_g

I caught up with some familar faces and fellow bloggers, sipped some wine, nibbled some food and chit chatted amongst everyone. 

One of the founders Abby presented a video about the purpose and desire for why Curly Hair magazine was created. A lot of women in the video expressed the lack of information and representation presented in current magazines and they wanted a publication that reflected their wants and needs.

Goodie Bag | Giveaway coming soon

As I had another event to go to, I didn't stay long, but I did learn that Curly Magazine will be a bi-monthly free magazine available to the public via outlets and online.

So...what is the magazine like?
When I initally saw the magazine cover floating around social media before the event, I wasn't interested at all. I didn't take it serious, because I am a visual person and for me..a previous hair and fashion magazine junkie..the cover needs to capture me. When I walk past it, I need to stop and think wow, what is that. The title is Curly Hair Magazine... yet I don't see any curly hair on the cover.

BUT... they say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.
AND...when I did turn the 1st thoughts changed!

As I turned the pages, I was impressed by the quality and layout. BUT...I still didn't feel like WOW this is the natural hair magazine that is needed...

YES...some of the articles were great, such as the history of black hair, hair agony aunt and a feature from my blogger friend Crystal Afro,  but for a 1st issue, the launch issue. I truly expected more content about natural hair care, tips & tricks, latest hair trends and such.

Does the magazine have potential? YES
Will I pick it up again? YES
Was I excited after reading the 1st issue? NO
I do wish Curly Hair Magazine the best and look forward to the growth of the content and issues in the future.

For more information about Curly Hair Magazine visit 

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