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Pressures to be the perfect woman

I don't think men understand the pressures that women have. Especially in 2015.

We have to be everything and anything for everyone else first before ourselves and that is so dangerous! I am one who can definately understand the burnout women experience trying to go above and beyond. Its draining.

Demure Lashes

Black Girl Beauty Brand Alert!!

I am all for supporting black owned business,especially owned by black women.
Demure Lashes is a new luxury eyelash brand by 21year old, Brunetty Dihoulou. The eyelashes are made from mink and human hair.

BelEve UK Afternoon Tea Party

I was invited to attend the BelEve UK afternoon tea party today. BelEve UK is an organisation created by Marsha Powell for young women created to empower, uplift and create oppourtunities that will help advance their future and life journeys.

New Hair Colour....again!!

Well. As you know social media and hair colour has me feeling some type of way.
I was scrolling through social media and came across some beautiful photos of golden brown curls. I screenshotted them and thought, I'll do it soon.

Then I kept seeing different hair colours, my girl Kala @thekglifestyle posted a video of her hair this morning and I was like...ok I'm going to do this today!!

On Repeat

Listen here


New Brand for you to be aware of

Franc & Ivy is your lifestyle brand that uplifts your mind, body and soul through art and natural products.

BAD HAIR...Girl where?


Cover girl

I am featured on Eneeks new single cover (I'm the B)  "Black Girls" due for release august 21st.

Check out the single:

Curly Hair Magazine Launch & 1st Issue Review

Last week I attended the Curly Hair Magazine launch party At Grace Bar in London. I met the owner of the magazine, Sandra at a previous event, where she explained the essence of the magazine and invited me to attend.
DRESS | Primark
I don't buy hair magazines anymore, as I feel they are very dated, and not fashion forward. I used to buy hair magazines every single month for a good 7years. I was always looking for new ways to style my hair. For me, a natural hair magazine should provide information and content that I can't access on the internet via blogs and Youtube.

Flashed Ink Tattoos

I go back and forth with getting a tattoo. I have a fear of needles..eek!
One of the latest trends this summer is temporary tattoos, I have seen them in all the major high street stores and on celebrities.

REVIEW: Isis Magazine Issue 4

I have known about Isis magazine since 2012 at the BlackHistoryStudies Black Market. I remember walking past their stall and owners Linda and Nathaniel showing me so much love!! I love their energy and vision. One thing I was really impressed with was the quality of the magazine, and they have kept that up!!

Pose for the camera!

When I was younger..about 14/15 years old. I wanted to be a hair model.
I then learnt that you can't trust everyone and anyone in your hair..so the dream quickly disappeared.