Brick wall

it has been a hard 'blogging year' for me so far. Even though it has been the most profitable year for me so far!
I am constantly battling whether I want to continue blogging, because it isn't what it used to be. 

I started blogging in 2009 speaking about my journey in the fashion industry as a designer, and my day to day life... and 4years ago I decided to talk solely about natural hair. It has been an amazing journey and has brought me so many great oppourtunities...but I feel like I am hitting a ceiling..I'm starting to feel limited..because realistically the oppourtunities in the UK are not the same as the US..and it can be so disheartening!! I never ever set out to be a 'famous' blogger or become well-known. All I have ever wanted to do is speak my truth..and trust me that comes with alot of negativity... its created arguments, disagreements and pettyness... I continue to do this because I always feel like I have something to say, but also a passion and purpose to keep the space of these topics current and alive. Be the change I want to see and provide the space for others to do the same.
Why am I telling you this?...because we all hit a wall now and again..and we need to find that hammer to break it. So we can keep going... I found mine today after a talk with a friend who told me... your needed...and it kinda re-focused me.
So...with all that said.. thankyou for following/supporting my voice, thoughts,opinions and messages. I appreciate you. 

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