Another hashtag

Its like everyday there is another issue to fight. Another hashtag to another murder. Another injustice. Another person dead for no valid reason. Another black person being told you aren't worth shit.

Then.... the trolls and keyboard warriors want to defend and speak about how 'un-racist' they are..and they are the victim...but will never ever help you in your issues.
I no longer explain to others why #blacklivesmatter because if they do not understand...I understand what they represent and are about.
I am not here to sugar coat, soothe or offer tissues to the tears of the people who don't care about my eyes being swollen from the constant tears I have to shed.
This on may never stop, but one thing I do know is that I am not giving drained as I hurt as a I fed up as I am... there is a mission and purpose to accomplish... So if you are not here for the fight...please step to the side and allow those to continue with their efforts... This isn't about all lives matter

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