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L.atasha A.lcindor // The Island


Brick wall

it has been a hard 'blogging year' for me so far. Even though it has been the most profitable year for me so far!
I am constantly battling whether I want to continue blogging, because it isn't what it used to be. 

Another hashtag

Its like everyday there is another issue to fight. Another hashtag to another murder. Another injustice. Another person dead for no valid reason. Another black person being told you aren't worth shit.

White Womanhood

"You were afraid to nurse your young
lest fallen breast offend your master's
and he should flee to firmer loveliness.
And so you passed them, your children,
on to me.

D.I.Y Flaxseed Gel

Flaxseed gel is my favourite gel in the world!!!

Keturah Ariel Art

As an artist I am always looking for inspiration and I love when I come across illustrators who do art with black people.

I have seen Keturah Ariel's art floating around in the internet space and I instantly fell in love.

Check out her IG for more art @KeturahAriel and her website arielbrands.com

Summer Wash & Go Routine

In the summer, well the English version of summer, you know the hologram sun... I change up my hair routine. I use less products, which means its less hassle, less time and big fluffy hair!! Check out my summer routine below featuring Entwine Couture products

REVIEW: Natasha Somalia Products

Natasha Somalia is a Philadelphia based brand stylist who has her own salon and product brand. She kindly sent me some products to play around with. Check out my review below

REVIEW: Huetiful Steamer

I used to steam my hair regularly back in the day when I trusted hairdressers..hehe!!

I saw alot of youtubers and bloggers talk about the Huetiful steamer and I put it on my wishlist. Then 2 years ago at Christmas..I opened a large box from mumzy and yes you guessed it. It was a steamer!!

Heatless Curls with Curlformers

Heat damage? Ain't no one got time for that!!

I haven't used heat on my hair for 2years, and I don't really plan on doing so anytime soon.
Heatless curls are the way forward, no heat, no damage.

New Hair Colour

Instagram, Pinterest and any other app or website that has photos of beautiful natural hair was making me want to colour my hair. There is only so much scrolling you can do before you are like..OK Imma colour my hair.

so I did.


Is this really needed? Well I guess for the newbies it is


Let's do this..

My name is Rachael aka Rachy

I'm a bit of a loooney

I am a blogger... I have another blog HERE that I started in 2009