High Rise Estate of Mind | Review

I have always said that I somewhat feel like I was lied to as a child. I feel like we were sold a dream that when you finish your education with a degree you will end up with a great paying job, married with kids and be a homeowner. It really sounded so promising and attainable.
Well...I am now 31 years old and my life is nothing of the sort. I am self-employed, single, I don't want kids and I am currently living at home with family.

The Blossom | Fashion

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. - Gerard De Nerval

Happy International Women's Day

Tote bag: Agendher | Photography: @musicalD (on IG)

Happy International Women's Day!!

Today is the day to celebrate the amazing-ness of being a woman!!

Google released a video today celebrating #BlackGirlMagic for International Women's Day...but there were hardly if any Black British women featured, so I decided to create my own list!! These are amazing Black women in Britain doing their thang and achieving greatness!

Admissions Play | Theatre Review

It seems right now that everywhere you look everyone is talking about race. Its the hot topic of the moment! As you may or may not know I am very open and opinionated when it comes to this subject because I think it is important to discuss in order for us to progress as a people positively, but that can only happen with those who are open to have the discussion.