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Crafting Coalitions for Change | EurAfrican Forum 2018

I had the pleasure of being invited to Portugal to speak on a panel, at EurAfrican Forum 2018. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit spetical about saying yes to this opporutinity because it was so random and I didn't truly understand why they wanted me to speak at such a grand event. Well, all I can say is.... self-doubt gets you nowhere because I am so glad I accepted.

JayZ & Beyonce Concert with Debenhams

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to attend the Beyonce and Jayz,On the Run ii concert courtesy of Debenhams. When I received the email with the invitation I was so excited because I love JayZ, I am a huge hip-hop fan and JayZ is the greatest rapper alive, so this was a once in a life time chance to see him in action. I am not the biggest Beyonce fan (I know, shocking!) Don't get me wrong I love her work ethic, dancing and singing live in high heels with a fan blowing in your hair on a floating stage isn't easy at all, so all props are due.

Every body is beach ready with BOOHOO

Interesting Fact: I have never worn a bikini on a beach...well I haven't worn one anywhere. I am not a fan of swimming or the water. It just isn't my thing. I don't see the enjoyment in water. I know its weird, but hey that's me!

I Woke Up Like This | Skincare

This photo has no filter. This is my skin currently. I am glowing. I wish you could feel my face, it is soft as ever. I am truly and utterly feeling myself right now!!

People have always said that I looked younger than my age. I am 30 years old. I take it as a compliment because hopefully I will look 30 at 60. I need that Angela Bassett effect! I'm trying to be grown and sexy at 75. HAHA! I have been trying and testing products for the past couple of months and have found some ultimate favourites that you may want to try.