I DON'T want children and it's ok

Photographer: Missy Gibbs

I have been meaning to record a Youtube video about this topic a while ago and just never got around to doing it. I was pondering on the thought and topic and felt like...why should I even have to explain my reasoning? Its my choice...but I feel like in today's society a woman saying she doesn't want children is such a taboo and I find it very interesting.

#SummerOfYes with Curvissa | Fashion | AD

Summer is my favourite season because the sun is out, the weather is warm and I get a great glow!! In the Summertime I like to feel comfortable,cute and cool!! I had the amazing opporutnity to create a Summer capsule collection with plus size brand Curvissa.
Curvissa wants to inspire all women to embrace body positivity and say YES to all of life’s experiences and therefore they have partnered with three beautiful, body-positive influencers (Laura Ferry, Hollie Burgess and Rachael Sealy) to curate their own Holiday capsule collections. - Curvissa

#BeBodyKind | Mental Health Awareness Week

I wonder if Eve felt insecure about her body when she was in the Garden of Eden wearing nothing but a leaf to cover her personal areas?