Have faith

I'm not the most religious person. I can't tell you exactly my reasoning for why I didn't feel it was for me, but the interest wasn't always there.

Dealing with Anxiety

I don't think I have ever experienced high levels of anxiety, until recently. I used to hear of people having panic attacks and bouts of depression because of it and never felt like I would fall accustom to it, but I have.

International Womens' Day with Chantelle Paris SoftStretch #AD

As many obstacles this life throws at us, I love being a woman. Of course I don't know what it feels like to be a man, but I know that being a woman is just extra special. We go through sooooo much and still push through.

If you was to tell me at 12 I would be this woman at 32... I wouldn't have believed you. I don't actually know what type of woman I dreamed of being at that age, but if young Rachael could see this Rachael she would be proud.

5 ways to Date Yourself

Let's talk about dating yourself. You, yourself and erm...You? hehe!!

Why date yourself?... The reason I do it...it forces me to be outside of my comfort zone. My life mantra..which you will probably hear about 5096838 times this year is...''when you are comfortable you don't grow''...so you have to put yourself in situations that force you to learn something about yourself. This can be a range of different things that encourage you to learn or build a skill, develop a new interest that you didn't know you would enjoy or create new experiences....and remember you don't have to be single to self-date!!